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How to make a metal detector with your own hands at home
Tips on how to make a metal detector at home: the best schemes of simple homemade metal detectors that you can assemble with your own hands.

Everyone comes in different ways in the treasure hunt. Someone craves profit and bought a metal detector in the hope of getting rich, other fans of instrument search are enthusiastic collectors and want to replenish their collection of antique coins. buttons, bells, etc. with new exhibits, and there are those who are fascinated by treasure hunting because of their love of radio equipment. Such treasure hunters are searching with metal detectors collected by their own hands.

Is it possible to make a metal detector with your own hands?

It is no secret that many treasure hunters, if not thinking about making a metal detector yourself at home, then dreamed of improving the device bought in the store. Such fans of instrument search will always be found in any company of treasure hunters. Instead of looking closely for coins and treasures. they spend a considerable part of their time studying the settings of their metal detectors, replacing coils, testing the capabilities of their devices. Often, such treasure hunters use metal detectors collected by their own hands for searches.

There is another category of people. These are those who are not interested in electronics, and the desire to make a metal detector with their own hands is nothing but saving money or, to put it simply, greed. If you are from this category of novice treasure hunters, I will immediately try to dissuade you from this idea. First, if you do not have special knowledge in radio technology, if your workplace is not equipped with the appropriate tools, and the idea to spend many hours and days making a metal detector scares you, then the idea of making a metal detector not for you. Even making the simplest homemade metal detector can fail for you. Secondly, buying the necessary amount of tools and parts will require a certain amount of money. Think: than to collect a metal detector at home, perhaps it will be cheaper for you to buy a simple b-z metal detector.
If your hands are growing from the right place, you are at least a little familiar with radio equipment and you have a lot of free time, then the next part of the article is for you!

How good is the metal detector assembled with your own hands?

I would like to note that many modern treasure hunters believe that the metal detector collected by their own hands (metal detector) does not compare with the purchase. It is said that such metal detectors are only suitable for the search for scrap metal. It's a misconception. Competitions show that some metal detectors, manufactured at home, are quite competitive with purchaseand and even in some characteristics surpass them. It is always worth considering that the success of your search with a metal detector will depend primarily not on the cost of the metal detector and its complexity, but on your knowledge and experience.

Schemes of popular metal detectors

Where to start making a metal detector? Do not immediately take up the manufacture at home of a complex sensitive metal detector. Start with the simplest models. Gradually, moving from simple schemes to more complex, you will be able to make a powerful homemade metal detector.

Below are the most popular, and therefore the most proven schemes of metal detectors, which have been repeatedly collected by treasure hunters and checked in the work. Take a closer look at the following models of metal detectors. For each of them you will be able to find enough information on the Internet, and on specialized forums to get advice from professionals and advice.


The "PIRAT" metal detector is a simple pulse metal detector that can be assembled at home, as its layout and design does not contain expensive and complex elements. Despite its simplicity, according to experienced treasure hunters, "Pirate" has a very good sensitivity. For example, the Soviet coin of 5 cents of the 1961 sample, this homemade metal detector should detect at a depth of up to 30 cm, and large metal objects it can "capture" at a depth of 1.5 meters. These are very good characteristics, which can be compared with budget metal detectors.


This metal detector got its name for its unusual shape, outwardly resembling a butterfly.

Homemade powerful metal detector
It is one of the simplest metal detectors. It is quite possible to collect it with your own hands. If the metal detector is assembled without errors and correctly configured, the sensitivity of the metal detector should be up to 15 cm per coin with a diameter of 25 mm. Also, "Butterfly" has the simplest sound discrimination, i.e. on the beeps that the device makes, you will be able to distinguish "colored" metal from "black".

The Terminator 3 metal detector is considered to be one of the best IB (induction balance) models. With the help of "Terminator" you can find the modern five rubles at a depth of up to 24 cm, and Catherine's copper heel at a depth of up to 27 cm. A good feature of the Terminator 3 metal detector is that discrimination works equally well almost at the entire depth of detection. But this device is difficult to assemble and customize, so postpone its self-manufacturing until you think you have enough skills in electronics.

The Koshche metal detector is another induction metal detector. To date, there are a large number of models of this metal detector. The electronic part of the metal detector "Koschi" is manufactured industrially and is sold ready. So if you are not ready to assemble the electronic part of the metal detector on your own, then this designer is for you. You will only need to make your own barbell and coil, the most appropriate to the conditions of your searches. Metal detector "Koshche" has a lot of functions and settings, which brings it closer to professional metal detectors.

The quasar is an induction microprocessor metal detector. A popular model of metal detector for self-assembly is quite popular.

Volksturm is a simple sensitive metal detector with excellent discrimination, collected and tested by many amateur radio searchers. Works on the principle: transmission, reception and balance of induction.

The pulsed microcontroller metal detector "Chance" has excellent sensitivity. He "sees" five Soviet pennies at a depth of up to 25 cm.

Clone is a pulsed microprocessor metal detector. Pros of this metal detector: a fairly simple scheme, a great sensitivity.

The reel and barbell for the metal detector with their own hands

So, with the electronic stuffing, we sorted out. Now we need to assemble a rod with an armrest for our metal detector, which will be attached to the bought or assembled self-assembled control unit and search coil. It all depends on your imagination and abilities. Someone is able to make a telescopic rod of light and durable metal, which can not be distinguished from bought in the store. Others use PVC pipes for this purpose.

Even a conventional crutch can be taken as the basis of a homemade metal detector:

How to make yourself not only a metal detector, but also various search coils to it, you can find in the books described in the next part of the article. If you do not understand any of them, you will easily find a specialized forum where you can ask for advice from more experienced colleagues.
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