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Metal detectors
How it works: Admission-transfer

Work underwater: There are

Frequency: 1

Work rate: 7.8 kHz

Maximum detection depth: 90 cm

The type of coil included: Mono

Metal detectors

A metal detector is a device that helps detect a metal object in a specific environment. Modern models are compact, reliable and equipped

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Metal detectors. Choose and buy a metal detector on TUT. En
Metal detectors (metal detectors) are electronic devices for the search and detection of metal objects in the ground, in the sand, in the water, in wells, in walls, etc. These devices are used to search for treasures and gold nuggets, coins and jewelry, household items and military paraphernalia. There are also inspection metal detectors used for security purposes

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Metal detectors to search for gold
Nowadays is a very popular search for various artifacts, jewelry, jewelry. More and more people want to reveal ancient secrets or find real treasures. For centuries, the most common precious precious metal was gold. The most attractive are gold jewelry, as well as gold bars and coins. For some, searching is a fascinating job.

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How to use a metal detector and what to find
There is hardly one person who would not dream of finding a treasure. Especially in childhood, many dreamed of becoming pirates, someone - treasure hunters. And not the last place in this played those things that, perhaps, each of us found in the garden, at the bottom of rivers and lakes or just in the ground on the places of various developments. And many of these girls and boys who are deeply immersed in stories with treasures

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