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What is a metal detector and how does it work?
When the machine is turned on, inside it, in an electric coil. which is created from copper turns of wire or wire from another metal, electromagnetic waves are created, which spread in the direction of search in different environments, as mentioned above. In response to the metal objects in the found, electromagnetic vortexes are formed. These whirlwinds under the action Read more "What is a metal detector, and how does it work?".

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Metal detectors are electronic induction devices that detect metal objects in a neutral or weak-conducting environment, i.e. in soil, water, walls, wood, clothing and luggage, in food, in the human body and The rapid development of microelectronics has made these devices compact, reliable and very.

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What to find with a metal detector
All search engines that poorly go to the cop, that do not climb out of the fields, dream in general about the same - to find as many coins, in good condition and even preferably rare. But as you know, luck smiles not everyone, in the fields, in addition to the finds of interest to us lies a huge number of all sorts of things.

Admittedly, they don't necessarily be worthless, among the items caught

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Choosing a metal detector to find gold
In recent years, the technique used in search operations is becoming more sophisticated, allowing you to make unexpected discoveries even for those who first picked up a treasure detection device. It is known that in 2009, an English amateur archaeologist, using a metal detector to search for gold, accidentally found on his friend's farm a treasure from the Anglo-Saxon era, which Read more "The choice of a metal detector to search for gold".

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Metal detector categories to search for gold and their properties
Everyone knows what a metal detector is, but many people also wonder if metal detectors exist to search for only gold and silver and what are they? And most importantly - if there is a desire to search for nuggets, how to choose a metal detector to search for gold?

Almost everyone sometimes wonders if it is possible to make money on gold mining if you do it non-industrial

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Metal detector to search for gold
In this article I want to tell you which metal detector to find gold is the best. We will consider metal detectors both underwater and ground. Let's talk about factors such as b. metal detector or new I recommend buying. And a lot of interesting things. You will need 10-15 minutes to study the article, but you will decide on the model of your device

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