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What is a metal detector and why it is needed
What can you need a metal detector in everyday life? Such a specialized device at first glance everyman does not need.

With the help of a metal detector and a metal detector you can find anything from a rusty nail in the yard to a military warhead in the forest. Of course, ordinary people are not interested or even dangerous. Usually metal search devices buy first
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Why do we need metal detectors?
A metal detector or metal detector is a special device designed to detect metal objects in an environment. He discovers objects in the soil, in the walls, in the water, in food, under clothes, in luggage, in a living organism, i.e. in a person or an animal.

There are several types of metal detectors and each performs the task assigned to it

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Why do metal detectors buy
Nowadays, a large number of adults consider the search of treasures their profession. And, most surprisingly, they really find in the ground various valuablethings using a metal detector garrett or minelab! A metal detector is needed to find the treasure. Their cost ranges from 2,000 thousand rubles to 50,000. It is clear that the more expensive the technique, the more successful the search. If you're not ready

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Metal detectors to search for gold
Nowadays is a very popular search for various artifacts, jewelry, jewelry. More and more people want to reveal ancient secrets or find real treasures. For centuries, the most common precious precious metal was gold. The most attractive are gold jewelry, as well as gold bars and coins. For some, searching is a fascinating job.

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