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Where and how to look for a metal detector
The newcomer, buying the first metal detector and shovel, immediately begins to ask himself where to start his search. To begin with, you need to conduct tests, with which you will learn how your metal detector behaves, because the signals on different objects will be different and you need to remember the signals that will be issued by the device on black and non-ferrous metals.

Test the device, you can anywhere

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How to find metal underground without a metal detector?
Metal detector, or, especially, georadar - devices are expensive, and not every metal search engine is available. Meanwhile, the answer to the question - how to find metal underground without a metal detector - excites many diggers of abandoned landfills and old backyards. Are there other methods of finding metal?

Know the location

A thorough study of the site of the alleged search for metal underground

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Where and how to look for treasures without a metal detector
It is very exciting to find old coins and treasures, but such a search often needs special equipment. Only every enthusiastic treasure hunter can organize a search for old coins and without expensive metal detectors. Of course, there will be not so many finds, but if you want, they will be.

From my own experience, I would advise you to look for bookmarks in the abandoned vintage

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Search for scrap metal in the ground without georadar, metal detector
Georadars and metal detectors are expensive devices, for the purchase of which there are not always funds. To find scrap metal in the soil, on abandoned landfills, landfills, old plants and storage facilities, there are other methods of search.

Geographical maps will indicate the locations of scrap deposits

To find scrap metal without a metal detector it is enough to use the old geographical.

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Looking for coins without a metal detector
Many people have probably heard stories from grandparents, as they were still little played different coins. Perhaps some of them are preserved in your house, but mostly they have long been lost and distributed. Where did these old coins come from, which usually have good safety?

Some of them were passed down from generation to generation - frequent monetary reforms constantly.

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How to find gold in a ground without a metal detector
Everyone has the desire to find valuables such as gold jewelry or coins lost decades ago. But not everyone wants or can spend money on expensive equipment. In this case, the question may arise how to find gold in the ground without a metal detector. Basically, to fulfill such desires you need luck. But there is a chance to find a really expensive find.

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