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How does it work? Metal detector frames
A metal detector is an electrical device that detects metal objects in a neutral or weak-conducting environment due to their conductivity. To ensure security at the entrance to crowded places, such as the station building or concert, each person must go through the metal detector frame, and all personal belongings are scanned through Read more "How it is Is it working? Metal detector frames"

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How a metal detector works
Electronic metal detector with your own hands

A metal detector is a relatively simple device whose electronic circuitry provides good sensitivity and stability. A distinctive feature of such a device is its low operating frequency. Metal detector induction coils work at 3 kHz. This provides, on the one hand, Read more "How the Metal detector works".

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How does the metal detector work?
This article is written for my associates, who, like me, since childhood were fascinated by stories about hidden treasures and sunken, laden with gold galleons.

For those who, holding an ancient coin or an ancient arrowhead, experienced a real storm of feelings and emotions from contact with the spirit of past eras. I know that there are among you those who, passing in the spring on mother

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How can I check the used metal detector?
Not everyone has the opportunity to buy a device that i would like to have. Very often this situation concerns those who want to buy their first MD, but the funds are not enough. In this case, most of them begin to explore the secondary market to buy a used metal detector. Such a step has its justifications, because the price of a used metal detector can be an order of magnitude cheaper, reaching 50%! Well, here's the state

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How do I check the BU metal detector?
How to check the metal detector boo and what to pay attention to first. Of course, not a new device for sure has acquired traces and luggage of use, but you are going to still look with it, and not spend time and money on repairs. Practical tips on how to check no new metal detector when buying.

When buying a metal detector that has already been in the field on a cop, in addition to the general inspection, read more "How to check the metal detector BU?".

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8 things the metal detector responds to
The security of the usual airport inspects the luggage of about two million people every day. Even when you don't have large metal objects with you, the metal detector triggers exactly when you pass. You are extremely surprised and you will find an unpleasant screening procedure. We offer our readers a list of subjects to which the security systems react.

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