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How can I check the used metal detector
Not everyone has the opportunity to buy a device that i would like to have. Very often this situation concerns those who want to buy their first MD, but the funds are not enough. In this case, most of them begin to explore the secondary market to buy a used metal detector. Such a step has its justifications, because the price of a used metal detector can be an order of magnitude cheaper, reaching 50%! Well, the condition and workable such device is another question. Let's take a look at the highlights when buying a used metal detector.

When buying from hand to hand, the verification process is easier and guarantees more. If you buy online, you need to initially look at the photos, documents about the purchase (if there are) and pre-negotiate force majeure circumstances. For example, if you find unspecified damage and malfunctions. This point is very individual, and in any case there is a risk.

Let's get to practical advice when Md is in hand.

First, you need to pay attention to the coil. Look at the appearance, the presence of chipped, deep scratches, damage, etc. It's good if the coil was used with protection. Small scuffs do not affect the performance of the coil. Well, if there are significant damage - you need to pay attention to them.

Next, you need to look at your ears. If the previous owner was not careful about the coil when searching, cracks and damage to the ears are possible. If there are , be prepared that soon they can break, and this is a problem.

And finally, the hermvod. First, look at the presence of external damage. Then turn on the device and believe the reaction of md bending the hermvod with your hand (don't overdo it). If the device is calm - all ok. If there are false signals, there may be damage.

Let's move on to the control unit. As always, we look at the presence of damage and integrity of the case. You also need to pay attention to the presence of divorces and stains on the display, which appear after the water gets inside. We check when the device is turned on and with illumination, if there is one.

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You also need to check the health of the disc. Everything is checked by a banal nail test (or other chermet) when the black metal weeding mode is turned on. This test is obligatory, because the signal at the brought metal is not yet an indicator of the performance of MD. If water hits or coil glitches, the device will also give a signal. But the correct work of the discriminator is another matter.

You also need to check the batosec for the presence of leaks of oxidized batteries and the health of contacts.

And finally, a general inspection of the condition of the device and testing.

Having passed all these items you will not be safe for yourself, but the probability of buying a normal MD will increase many times.

Thank you for your attention and good luck with your shopping!

Respectfully, your Digger.