One of the most sought-after and reliable methods for ensuring security in the modern world is the use of a metal detector. There are different types and modifications of these devices with basic, as well as additional functions. The main types are hand and arch models of metal detectors, the principle of which we will tell in this article. how does a metal detector work working principle of metal detectors metal detector basics how to use a metal detector metal detector manual metal detector function how to adjust metal detectors manual metal detector settings.

metal detectors can be found everywhere: in airports, railway stations, in shops, clubs, in production or in offices of large companies. Manufacturers produce models of different types depending on their purpose. Our online metal detector store offers to buy quality and reliable devices that guarantee a high degree of security in the field of their application.

What is the metal detector used for?

The second name of the metal detector is a metal detector. This is due to the fact that the main purpose of this equipment is to search for metal objects on the body, in the clothes of a person or in his luggage. Most often, metal detectors are used to detect various types of weapons: firearms, stabbing, gas canisters, etc.

They can also be used to detect smartphones, voice recorders or other recording devices. In manufacturing plants, metal detectors are often used to prevent parts of machinery or bullion of precious metals such as gold, silver, brass, stainless steel, copper and others from being taken out of the site.

A metal detector can help detect the presence of non-metallic products that are packed in foil, such as cigarettes, chocolate, chewing gum. Their use in the company producing such products effectively prevents theft.

Manual metal detectors
Compact portable devices are convenient to use for personal search of a person in order to accurately detect metal objects. If the metal detector is hand-held, it is also effectively used as an additional equipment in tandem with an arched detector. This device is easy to use and is often used by security officers in various agencies


How manual and arched metal detector works
This device is easy to use and is often used by security officers in various agencies.

Manual metal detector

The principle of the manual metal detector is based on the intersection of two electromagnetic fields, one of which is created by the device itself, and the second is emitted by a metal object under its influence. As a result of this interaction, a certain audible or light signal is formed, alerting to the discovery of the desired object.

Modern devices are highly sensitive. For example, a gun can be found from a distance of 20 - 25 cm, a knife - 12 - 15 cm, and a small bunch of keys interacts with a hand-held metal detector from 8 - 10 cm. The sensitivity reduction feature allows small targets (buttons, coins, rings) to be removed from the device's field of view if necessary and focus only on large objects.

The main advantages of a hand-held metal detector are its compactness and ease of use. It helps in places where it is not possible to install an arch model, and does not require special knowledge for successful application.

Arch metal detectors

An arched metal detector is a functional stationary device used to detect various metal objects. The principle of its work is quite simple and is based on radio wave radiation. The radio signal is sent from one wall of the detector to another, bounces off it and comes back.

Due to the fact that the radio wave is not able to pass through the metal, when faced with a metal object, the signal will return to the wall of the frame much faster. The arched device immediately notices a reduction in the time of the return of the radio signal and immediately triggers.

There are arched metal detectors of general purpose to search for large items, equipment with high and extremely high sensitivity. The latter is used to detect small particles of non-ferrous metals weighing 1 gram.

Metal detector

There are passive or active types of installations. The first are able to find only products made of black metal, the second kind in addition is able to find objects from non-ferrous metals and alloys on clothes or bodies of people.

By the type of radiation arch detectors can be with a pulse field where the signal is interrupted, or with a harmonious field providing constant continuous radiation. Most modern models guarantee a 100% probability of metal detection.

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