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If the police came to your cop. What to do?
Dig and don’t break the law? Go to England, they dig there, and museums buy out the finds. The commentator, A.M., sent advice on what to do with the police on the cop. It is relevant for Russia and Belarus. But the general principle will be useful to all. We read, especially beginners.

The time has come when searching with a metal detector has become not such an innocuous hobby, and I seriously thought about the topic of legal protection of our common case. And I want to share with you and with all comrades (especially with newcomers) collected information. That the novice diggers no one dared to discourage the desire to engage in such an interesting and useful hobby!

Where to dig with a metal detector by law

1. It is possible to search and dig in places where there are no records of old settlements and other traces of human activity over a century.

If any archaeological objects are found in such a search, they must be handed over to the state, because, as the law says, the state owns everything found in the ground or under water.
2. Let’s say a search with a metal detector on public beaches. Due to the fact that there is no cultural layer there, and the finds, accordingly, can not be of historical value and are not archaeological objects.

3. It is possible to search the fields where tractors plow every year, where there is also no cultural layer (the field used for agricultural needs cannot carry archaeological value). And, because you don’t break the cultural layer, you don’t fall under the article.

Explanation to the law on metal detectors. Especially for those who consider our hobby something illegal.

How to avoid conflict with the police and not fall under the article

When approaching you law enforcement agencies it is important to have self-control, know your rights (without bending your fingers), be friendly and try to maintain a friendly atmosphere of communication. Because, we are all human beings, and the way you arrange your comrades in the shoulders will largely depend on the outcome of their visit (verified).

Of course, it is possible to prove for a long time to the guardians of the law that on this field every year sown different cultures and plough it from start to finish … However, the easiest way to say that you are searching for scrap metal or meteorites, and the metal detector itself is not prohibited.

If the police are persistent in their beliefs and strongly recommend to go with them, then you need to know a few useful rules: what to say, what the police can do and what not.
So, if you’re detained, there must be a reason for that - either you’re digging on the site of cultural and archeetyecultural heritage, or you’ve found some cultural value. Both can be interpreted differently by the servants of the law.

For your search, the police are obliged to issue a check-up protocol and find 2 understood.

This is where the most interesting thing begins - the police themselves cannot be understood, archaeologists who can come with the police, also can not become understood, because they are interested. So, if you are caught in the wilderness, where there is no one, then you have no right to see, and therefore will not be able to show anything.

It’s an idea. In fact, things can be very different. So know your rights and use them! You can even shoot everything that happens on camera, it will be generally fine. Then even for arbitrariness you can sue them when they violate your rights.

Although, of course, in such a mix with the authorities is better to join not one, so it is better to ride a cop for 2-3 people (at least).

So, you can dig, but you need to remember that the police are extremely vague about their responsibilities and do not know how to formulate the law. Therefore, they can start to search you, confiscate your metal detector and create another lawlessness.

So, that this does not happen, if you are tied up and “throw the bearers”, then know their rights and correctly state them.

Remember - if you go anywhere with a metal detector. Just go, you have no right to inspect, and in general, to stop. If this happens, say that they violate your rights, that you do not dig, and just move somewhere.

While metal detectors are allowed, but you can not use them everywhere. If they continue to sit down - require a protocol of inspection and two understood.

Understood must be on different surnames and not be relatives, as well as be over 18 years old.

Knowing your rights, being able to hold yourself in your hands and justify your actions, you will remain in a winning position at least 50%! The rest depends on the personal qualities and intentions of the guards, and of course on the location of your location..
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