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Instructions for the Garrett Ace 250 metal detector
Garrett Ace 250 is perhaps the most purchased appliance of all brands of initial metal detectors, for beginners. Its cost is only 12500 rubles, for such a high-quality device the price is more than attractive.

If you have just bought this metal detector but cannot understand, be sure to watch the video at the end of the article. There, in a simple and understandable language, it is well-told and shows how to use Aska 250, which buttons to press and what they are responsible for.
I have a couple of marads who dig 250 and the reviews from them are only enthusiastic, especially in the first season, when a lot of coins were raised. Of course, after a couple of seasons you begin to understand that it is time to move on and you would need to buy an advanced metal detector, and maybe even a professional one. After all, the discriminator at professional detectors will be cooler than a simple Aska. However, it can be said with complete certainty that the Aska 250 is the optimal metal detector for a beginner.

And if you pump, pump the aus250 more powerful coil, then the depth of it will be able to compete with the devices of semi-professional level.

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