When the device is turned on, inside it, in an electrical coil, which is created from copper turns of wire or wire from another metal, electromagnetic waves are created that spread in the search direction in a variety of environments, as already was said above. In response to the metal objects in the found, electromagnetic vortexes are formed. how does metal detector works do metal detectors work underwater how accurate are metal detectors do metal detectors really work technical description of metal detectors do metal detectors use magnets how metal detectors work illustrated metal detector theory of operation.

These vortexes under the influence of the primary field create their own, as they are metals and are able to conduct electricity. Their neutron-proton charge changes and the reaction is obtained. A vortex electromagnetic field prevails over the coil field radiation, thus creating an electrical imbalance.

The difference in the power of the fields is fixed by the computation system on the metal detector itself. Also, due to changes in the structure of the initial field, there are another transformations, which are also captured by the device system. In other words, the waves emitted by the coil are found with waves emitted by metal in any electrical conductive environment, which causes a reaction that the instrument itself captures and shows the user.

As a result, all measurements get into the computer system and then are displayed on the scale, so that the user noticed the presence of metal in the desired place and could begin excavation


What is a metal detector and how does it work?
Electromagnetic vortexes are formed on the surface of any metal or element that is able to conduct current. The very specificity of metal detection by this method is based on measuring the ability of metal objects to conduct electricity.

The fundamental difference between an expensive metal detector and a cheap one is that they differ in their methods of projection of electromagnetic waves and methods of capturing electromagnetic vortexes from the surface of the desired metal. The device, which is more expensive, is able to determine what exactly the metal lies in any environment, how deep it is, whether there are impurities of other metals or minerals of metallic origin. It also contains a lot of optional, but useful features that can help a person speed up the search process or facilitate the definition of metal.
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