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Hello world! All with the coming new year! I think every digger in the back of his mind dreams of finding a redhead with his metal detector, which in professional slang treasure hunters is called gold. In any form, but, of course, it would be better to be a small bunch of royal chervos). Or a massive gold chain…

Yes, the search for gold is real. And the people are not what they are looking for, but they are also finding them. Only luck, unfortunately, not everyone. There are several methods of searching for gold and each find is different.

Search for gold nuggets. What can I say… if you want to look for small nuggets, you can not do without an expensive high-frequency device, which would feel the purpose of the size at least with a matchhead. And with the legislation in terms of precious metals is not clear. I’m not going to stop here.
Beach search. The most swag in terms of finds from precious metals. Here I think everything is clear, as the people lose their decorations: rings, chains, crosses, etc. all spoil the corks from all sorts of drinks and tongues from aluminum cans. Not everyone can withstand so many traffic jams 🙂. But on the beach there is a chance to beat off the cost of batteries found trifle 😛. But still on a hundred - two traffic jams should get a credit find. The main thing is perseverance.

Search the old days. Treasure… sweet for the hearing of every person, much less a digging word. It is most often smokesmiths in the old days find treasures, often consisting of gold and silver coins of different periods. After all, before there were no banks, and to hide money somewhere it was necessary. What can be more reliable than saving? Of course the land. And when the right moment came, for example occupation, war or revolution, people everywhere hid their money. But many for various reasons have not been able to use them. But sometimes some are lucky to lose. For example, along with the killed copper on the field can be raised and a golden worm or heel. Yes, there have been such cases.
There are people who purposefully look for robbers, places of their stay. After all, all the loot from the big road had to be hidden. Usually these are caves, dugouts and other places where you could hide.

Search in old abandoned houses. Here often come across really worthwhile finds. Hosts could bury their savings not somewhere, but in the underground of their own house or bury in the wall, bury in a powder in the attic, lay in the stove. There’s a lot of space. In old houses often find treasures. Especially when they’re dismantled.

So I have listed the main points when you can find gold, silver and other precious metals. Good luck to you readers of my blog! Perseverance and hard work are rewarded. Look for and will be good luck to you!.
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