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The man with the metal detector: the finds will be enough for hundreds of years
Dmitry Salei is the owner of a tour bureau working with English-speaking tourists, and a wonderful tour guide, about which in the most enthusiastic epithets speak guests of Tallinn. And he has a hobby: he searches for hidden in the ground antiquities with a metal detector.
” One day I was invited to search for “war iron” in the places of past battles. It’s very interesting, I liked it. But contrary to popular belief that treasure hunters find a bunch of valuables, from a hundred items found in the ground, 99 are sent to the trash. And the 100th does not have any material value, but rather causes interest: for example, a button or a copper coin of the tsarist times, which replenish the modest collection of the search engine. It’s kind of like fishing or picking mushrooms - a new hobby in nature. Then I bought myself a metal detector, began to be interested in the places where you can go.

Is this just a hobby for you? And the material side?

- On TV they show how almost tens of kilograms of gold jewelry are found on the Black Sea beaches. But in fact it’s all for the rating of TV channels. Finding hidden in the ground items - a hobby of clean water, business is not profitable, but rather, expensive. Because it is necessary to have the appropriate equipment, a machine for trips to nature and most importantly - time, which a working person to find is not so easy. Again: as a fisherman tries to buy himself not just a fishing rod or spinning, and cool spinning, that there was something new and no worse than others, and treasure hunters constantly acquire new equipment. In fact, there are not many hoards.

The treasure is a serious matter, and not everyone who is purposefully looking for it finds it. In general, according to statistics, nine hoards out of ten find just not treasure hunters who go with metal detectors, and builders, restoring old houses.
The man with the metal detector: the finds will be enough for hundreds of years

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The man with the metal detector: the finds will be enough for hundreds of years