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The sensitivity of the metal detector; How to set up
We bought a metal detector, became a treasure hunter and a lover of instrument search. Congratulations, our regiment has arrived. However, the novice search engine immediately begin to have questions about the setting of its metal detector, because it is difficult to immediately understand what and how to set up and what depends on the correctness of this or that setting. In this article we will understand what the sensitivity of the metal detector is, how to adjust it Read more "The sensitivity of the metal detector; how to set up"

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Search for metal with metal detector
Metal detector - the device is designed to search for metal. These are already modern metal detectors can distinguish the object by type, depth of lay. And for those who decided to go to search for metal in the ground, will come down any not expensive device.

Once upon a time people searched for metal in the ground, and found quite a lot. But, now with the rise in prices in the steel market, people have approached this way more Read more Read more "Finding a metal with a metal detector".

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Where to find scrap metal
Today, more and more people regularly wonder where to find scrap metal. Indeed, if earlier this was more often interested in pioneers who collect worm - today metal recyclables are looking for very serious people. After all, it has a fairly high cost, so that, renting scrap metal in the appropriate points, you can earn decent money. Here are just places where you can easily.

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Looking for coins without a metal detector
Many people have probably heard stories from grandparents, as they were still little played different coins. Perhaps some of them are preserved in your house, but mostly they have long been lost and distributed. Where did these old coins come from, which usually have good safety?

Some of them were passed down from generation to generation - frequent monetary reforms constantly.

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How to adjust the sensitivity of the metal detector?

Happy owners of a new metal detector are often full of enthusiasm and ready to immediately rush into battle. However, the novice treasure hunter immediately has questions about the settings of his device, because it is difficult to understand how and what exactly to set up, and on what depends on the correctsetting of certain parameters

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Set up a metal detector
The maximum efficiency of metal detectors based on the principle of induction balance depends significantly on their fine-tuning. An incorrectly configured device will not detect deep or small objects (deep objects are understood to be the size of a coin at a depth of 30 cm). Moreover, the more powerful the device, the more important it is to set up. Less Powerful Devices React Read More "Setting a Metal Detector"

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