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Today, more and more people regularly wonder where to find scrap metal. Indeed, if earlier this was more often interested in pioneers who collect worm - today metal recyclables are looking for very serious people. After all, it has a fairly high cost, so that, renting scrap metal in the appropriate points, you can earn decent money. That's just places where you can easily find a few tons (or better - a few tens or hundreds of tons) today is not too much. So to find the worm. searches should be initiated by carefully analyzing and considering the situation.

In general, the places where there was scrap metal. there are quite a lot in our country. During the Soviet era, most workers did not pay any attention to such small things as a broken and decommissioned machine, a tractor or even a combine harvester. In addition, the abundance of powerful industrial objects played a role, which after the collapse of the great power were partially melted, partially abandoned. In every city there are legends, as once at one of the large enterprises of the city were buried tons of copper, or aluminum or chermet - thus earlier got rid of unused raw materials and to avoid punishment just got rid of it. So, let's list the main places where there is scrap metal.

You can find scrap metal even in the swamp - but it's impossible to get it from there


Recall that about scrap metal in the ground we have already written, here we will say specifically about the s/x fields. First of all, huge, powerful machines were used in the vast fields. It's trucks, tractors. combines and many related tools - from seedlings to ploughs.

With heavy use, heavy machinery regularly failed. To save time, it was not taken to the base for repairs - the broken parts were changed right in the field. New installed on a tractor or combine, and since no one demanded special reporting - more often workers believed at their word - the damaged parts were simply thrown away. Moreover, these details were not small - only a truck from the tractor caterpillar (which, incidentally, most often comes across in the fields) quite pulls a few kilograms, and some models - up to 15 kilograms. Therefore, several such finds already hang a pleasant weight in the trunk of the car.

Tractor from a tractor caterpillar is the most common find in the fields

The field may well have an area of hundreds of square kilometers. Therefore, to bypass it all, hoping to stumble upon the find, just stupid - it will take months of continuous work. Fortunately, tractor drivers and harvesters never threw metal directly on the field - here it could damage the equipment. So, the parts were carefully thrown to the very side of the field - to carry the weight was laziness, and closer to leave - dangerous. Thanks to this, our contemporaries know exactly where to find scrap metal.

How does the metal detector work

Repair bases

Another very bread-making place for people wondering where to take scrap metal. are repair bases. A quarter of a century ago, there were such in every collective farm. Here is the same story that with the field - worn or damaged parts changed to new ones, and then simply thrown away.

The only negative - such places are almost always taken out by locals or just enterprising people. But if you manage to stumble upon such a dump - you can consider that you are very lucky. For a few days or even weeks the question is where to get scrap metal. will be closed to you.
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