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If you are at heart romantic and dreamer, love adventures and action films, but you have to get up every morning and go to work in the office, then treasure-hunting, as a hobby, you can very well. Or if you are an avid numismatist and exchanged all sorts of coins in your collection, then it’s time to buy a metal detector, and go in search of new coins in his collection. But before you start looking for coins, you need to know the places where they can be found, and buy the right uniforms and equipment.

For a beginner in the search for treasures is very important to choose the right tool, because this toy is not cheap, so it should be as high as possible and suitable for finding those types of treasures that a person plans to find. If you plan to look for coins, which is most often found, then you need to know what is the best metal detector to search for coins.

Types of metal detectors:

Metal detector for underwater search. For what serves this kind of device clearly from the name, it has a waterproof body and has many functions for use under water. Also, this type of metal detector can be used on the ground.
A conventional ground metal detector. This type of metal detector helps in the search on land, can be used on the shore.
A metal detector for a deep search. This metal detector is not suitable for finding small items such as coins and jewelry. It aims to search for large objects deep underground.

Since the topic of this article is the search for coins, you should pay special attention to which metal detector is best to buy to find coins. We will fit the first two types of adaptation, but first you need to decide on the amount that you are willing to give and where it is better to look for coins metal detector. In any technique there are different models, from budget to the most expensive and elite, for every taste and purse. In fact, the price of a metal detector does not say 100% about the quality of the search.

In any device there is a sensor that will respond to the presence of metal and give a signal. The treasure is not looking for a metal detector, but the man himself and only on his desire, experience and diligence will depend on the result.

The main difficulty in finding coins is that the device constantly sends a signal, it reacts to any metal even on tin beer cans and nails. Over time, the experience of using this thing will come, and you will be able to tell by ear the signal you need from the device’s response to the garbage. It is very important for you to familiarize yourself with the functions of the device, carefully examine the instructions and features of the metal detector you like. Do not buy a Chinese device, no matter how tempting the price may seem. First, you will not be able to understand the instructions, if you do not know the said language, and secondly, such devices are much faster to fail.

Specialists conditionally divide metal detectors into three categories, for beginners, semi-professional and professional. If you are a beginner, it does not mean that you should definitely refuse to buy a professional metal detector, but remember that it will be more difficult to deal with. Professional devices from amateur differ in price and functions, not depth or effectiveness of search. The whole outcome of the search for treasures depends only on you, your desire and experience.

It is worth noting that cheap metal detectors have a lower depth of penetration and strongly react to interference from the soil. There are modern metal detectors that are able to distinguish the type of metal and give the appropriate signal, but such devices are quite high in price. Particular attention should be paid to the weight of the device and what its power source (battery or acomuator).

Finding coins has a number of features. Firstly coins are small items and your metal detector should be aimed at finding small parts, secondly for any metal detector the coin is non-ferrous metal and the coin you need can lie surrounded by debris or vice versa in a pile of garbage will not be that you want to find it. To search for coins is more suitable for the ground-looking device.

Search for metal detector-free coins
What functions to pay attention to when buying a metal detector to find coins.

The presence of a good discriminator. The wider the range of the discriminator, the better the separation of targets.
The presence of the “coin mask” program. This is a program where you set the purpose of the search yourself.

The function of discrimination in round subjects.
The presence of the display. For a beginner, the best option would be to have a display that displays information about an item in the area. Experienced treasure hunter will not be difficult to distinguish the target by sound, but the beginner without a display will have a tight.
So we have sorted out the main moments of which metal detector to choose to find coins. The long-awaited device is already in your hands and you are ready to get to work. The next question to consider is where to look for coins by a metal detector.

The best places to find coins (video)

Deserted places of abandoned villages. The farther from the settlement you are looking for, the greater the chance to find old coins. To search, you’ll need an old map to understand where you are. Searches in ancient places are also good because there is very little chance of bumping into foreign objects of round shape, such as beer corks. Even if your metal detector has a function of discrimination in round subjects, it will respond equally to both coins and traffic jams.

Old abandoned houses. You can look for coins in any destroyed houses, whether it is forgotten by all village hut or prepared for demolition city “krushchevka.” First of all, it is necessary to pass the metal detector attics and basements, and then move around the house. As a rule, in urban apartment buildings, most often, there are coins from the soviet union, but among them can be found very valuable and rare specimens.

Roadsides. Especially country roads are a valuable place to search for coins. On the roads drove wagons and the person sitting in it, could accidentally lose a coin another. Also on the roads were various Old Believer rituals, in which peasants used coins.

Places of mass festivities. This is the most “evil” place to search for money. Funny people, as a rule, are not very attentive, and can safely lose a coin, as to know can it will be a very rare and valuable coin for numismatists. Just at all times there was a wedding ceremony, sprinkled with young trifles, and often it happened in places of large crowds of people.

Old abandoned wells. Here in this place you can find a bigger jackpot. In addition to accidentally dropped coins, you can find whole cast irons filled with valuable coins. During the revolution and the war, the rich people lowered their savings to the bottom of the well, as they ran away light, taking only the most necessary.

Coastal area of reservoirs. In order to search by the bank of a river or lake, it is not necessary to have an underwater metal detector, most modern ground vehicles have a waterproof coil and are able to dive into the water to a depth of 0.5 meters without damage to the device.

And what to do to someone who really wants to go in search of treasure, but is not ready yet to buy a metal detector for personal use? Of course, you can rent a device or borrow from a friend, but this is not the most successful option, because these devices are quite expensive, and in inexperienced hands they can be easily damaged. So let’s figure out how to find metal detector coins.

The first thing to do is to determine the place of search. In fact, all the places to search for coins we have covered above, so there is nothing to add. With a metal detector you will be looking for or without a place to remain the same. But the technology will be different, will have to spend more effort and time to find something worthwhile.

Search for coins by metal detector (video 2015)

If you search by the road or on the shore of the reservoir, there is nothing left but to look closely and dig. In the old house should carefully examine the floor, disassemble the docks, pay special attention to plinths and corners. It is not superfluous to knock through the walls in order to detect caches. Don’t forget to pay attention to the places under the stairs, fireplaces and stoves. Explore the area adjacent to the house - a vegetable garden and a garden. Determining where the garden was, it is not difficult, the land there is more loose and easy to jump. In the garden dig under the trees, where residents could hide valuables, including coins.

If you decide to embark on such a fascinating path of treasure-hunting, be very careful and collected. Going in search of a treasure better in a pleasant company, it’s both more fun and four eyes better than two. And always remember about quality and suitable equipment.