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Search for gold with a metal detector
Hello world! All with the coming new year! I think every digger in the back of his mind dreams of finding a redhead with his metal detector, which in professional slang treasure hunters is called gold. In any form, but, of course, it would be better to be a small bunch of royal chervos). Or a massive gold chain...

Yes, the search for gold is real. And the people are not what they are looking for, but they are also finding them. Only Lucky

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Is the search for gold with a metal detector real? And then, there are finds!
Gold, jewelry, rings, chains, rings, earrings - such a catch in a beach search draws the imagination of the treasure hunter. The search for gold with a metal detector is becoming more popular, because the people here slowly but surely get richer, and therefore spends money on different gold tzatzki. And then successfully loses them in the summer on the beach. Finding a catchy beach is difficult, because in major cities a beginner is unlikely to be able

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10 tips on how to look for gold nuggets
Some geologists believe that only 20% of the total gold reserves have been found in the world so far. That means everything else has yet to be found. Although the search for gold in our country is legally prohibited, the law on the bowels is planned to rewrite. And in some places abroad the search for gold and today is quite legal. For example, in Australia you can pay a ridiculous sum of a few tens of dollars and go look for yourself

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What is the difference between a metal detector
In some cases, you just need a device to search for metal objects. During mass events, police officers are looking for cold weapons. Seekers of various treasures, coins and antiquities are also happy to use a metal detector to reduce search time. The devices help a lot at waste processing plants. Metal detector has and many others.

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How to find gold in a ground without a metal detector
Everyone has the desire to find valuables such as gold jewelry or coins lost decades ago. But not everyone wants or can spend money on expensive equipment. In this case, the question may arise how to find gold in the ground without a metal detector. Basically, to fulfill such desires you need luck. But there is a chance to find a really expensive find.

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Looking for coins without a metal detector
Many people have probably heard stories from grandparents, as they were still little played different coins. Perhaps some of them are preserved in your house, but mostly they have long been lost and distributed. Where did these old coins come from, which usually have good safety?

Some of them were passed down from generation to generation - frequent monetary reforms constantly.

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