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How to find gold in a ground without a metal detector
Everyone has the desire to find valuables such as gold jewelry or coins lost decades ago. But not everyone wants or can spend money on expensive equipment. In this case, the question may arise how to find gold in the ground without a metal detector. Basically, to fulfill such desires you need luck. But there is a chance to find a really expensive find.

In order to search for values, you need to know exactly what we are looking for. In this case, it will be easier to determine the place from which to start. If we talk about gold objects, they are quite difficult to find. To do this, you will need a lot of patience, effort and time, but the possible result of the work done will pay for all the costs. One of the most popular places to find gold in a metal detector-free land is the beach. In such a place people spend a lot of time and it is there lose a large number of different items. If the lost thing lay for a long time, then you have every right to take such a find for yourself.

How to find gold without a metal detector

Before you go in search of gold treasures and coins, it is worth determining exactly where they may have been lost. One of the most common searchers are considered to be abandoned settlements. It is there, off the beaten path, the chances of finding anything much higher. Settlements built during the tsarist times, today there are not so many. To choose the option you want, try to find in the local library old maps, which indicate the settlement of the 18th - 19th century.

Finding the building of ancient times, try to determine its age. If you can see that the nails used for the board fixtures were made by hand, then you got exactly at the right address. But before you start searching there, find out for sure if this building belongs to anyone. Still, it's best to take in the helpers of Garrett Ace 250. If the building does not have furniture and windows, it is likely to be completely abandoned. After that, you can start searching for valuable items.

It is worth starting with the inspection of the building itself. Carefully look at the windows and doors, it is there the most chances to find gold without a metal detector, so they are lost most often. You can try to take out the window frame or box of doors, so you will know for sure if there was something lost. Most of these places are rich in coins of bronze or silver, but sometimes there are exceptions. Then carefully check all the corners of the room, as in the old days it was taken under the foundation of the building to put a valuable thing or a coin. Of course, you will have to try to get to the center of the wall, but the effort will be justified by the found jewels.

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Since it is difficult to find gold without a metal detector, you will have to make a lot of efforts to excavate the savals or land. If there used to be a house on the chosen site, there may be several layers of construction debris. In this case, to get to the desired level, you have to overcome the ground, rotten logs and straw. There are more chances to discover antiqueitems such as silver or gold service, cups, utensils, etc.

In still whole buildings carefully examine the skirting board, cracks in the floor and other small holes, where coins or small jewels could roll. This is the most effective option, because in those days during the celebration of weddings there was a tradition to sprinkle the newlyweds with expensive, but small things. To make the search more efficient, use shovels, scraps or cochergas, thanks to which you can easily extract the find from a hard-to-reach angle.