A lot of people don't even know what's under their feet. But it is enough to walk with a metal detector on the nearest field and you can find so much!
But bystanders, who often appear in the search process, increasingly think that we are looking for gold! I will answer that this also happens - only gold should be searched not on the fields, and on the beaches.

Dear friends! We strongly recommend that you read an article about choosing a metal detector, which will help you find the right detector for a particular type of search and other preferences.

Warning: Many types of search, especially those described below (old, beach search with detector) - are quite real and feasible even with entry-level detectors. Their brightest representatives are Garrett Ace 150, Whites Coinmaster Pro and Minelab X-terra 305. And do not forget that not all finds lie at the limit of possible detection of their metal detector, even if we are talking about devices of the beginner level, which of course a little inferior in the specific depth more professional.

"Search for the old days"
This type of search involves searching for old and even old objects, which sometimes literally lie under our feet. You can look for them wherever people used to live: places of former villages, gardens and outskirts of existing villages, fields between villages (where there used to be numerous paths and roads), places of fairs and trades, roadsides of ancient roads.

In these places, you can easily find much from the lives of our ancestors.

Most often from valuable finds come across coins, their people wore and lost in a fair amount. Just often comes across "horsemeat" (on the slang of search engines so called elements of horse harness, jewelry, harnesses, buttons, etc.). In fact, you can find a lot of everything: from elements of home decoration and utensils, to jewelry and hunting devices: old knives, spoons, utensils, samovars, pendants, crosses, rings, rings-print, horsemen, locks, amulets...  Much depends on the specific terrain.

Of course, among all this diversity will come across and modern metal-garbage, but without it in any way (someone even collects found on the fields of traffic jams, eternal satellites of any search).
What can you find with a metal detector?
So, searching the old days will bring a lot of new and interesting. You can start this kind of search right in your garden in your home village with relatives or friends. I myself often walk through the village area when I come to visit relatives, and there are finds every time (from the 17th century to rare coins). Metal detector in search of antiquity - it's like a time machine, will plunge you into the past, and you can keep the pieces of history in your hands!

"Search with metal detector on the beach"
A separate type of search. Here the main tempting goal - gold.
On hot days, all people are drawn to cool bodies of water, flood the beaches and conduct there active activities "on rest." Sometimes so active - that lose not only keys and trifle from pockets, but also gold jewelry.
This search is good and interesting for several reasons:
1) You can swim in hot weather and at the same time do a search
2) Digging a sandy beach is very easy (unlike the ground)
3) There is real gold on the beaches!

Search on the beaches is best in the morning hours until there are no holidaymakers, or in autumn. When the bathing season is already closed. Garbage and traffic jams in such a search will unfortunately also not a little, but the reward for everything can be valuable items ...
In addition to corks and gold jewelry, you are sure to find a bunch of fishing gear (my record 1.5 kg of lead sinkers and glitters for the day), keys, modern trifle (and if the beach is old, then old coins too, at least during the USSR), knives, forks, spoons.
What can you find with a metal detector?
Of course, this is only a small part of all that you can find with a metal detector.
It is worth looking always and everywhere, it is not only interesting, but moderate physical activity in combination with walks in the fresh air - always useful!.
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