Searching with a metal detector is a fascinating activity. And it's very easy to start. Buy a metal detector, find the Point of the Copa and shovel forward for the finds. How to choose the first metal detector and how to find the point of the Copa we have already written, now What to look for.

Your findings will depend on the choice of search point with a metal detector. The main places of search are historical places, the beach. Historic places are roughly divided into searches for "war" and "old days." The beach is the only environment for searching with a metal detector, where the finds are replenished.

In the old days

The term "old-fashioned" includes all places to search, from the first days when metal began to be used by man to the beginning of the 20th century. Ancient artifacts will make you not only work with a shovel but also immerse yourself in history. To identify the found item or coin, you will have to at least partially turn to reference resources or ask for advice on forums.

Typical valuable finds when searching with a metal detector are coins, crosses, frankincense. If you are developing older, for example, Scythian places - horsemeat (horse accessories), tips, knives, axes.

On the war

World War II finds (Great Patriotic War). This is a specific topic for amateurs. There are entire teams that specialize solely in searching with a metal detector on W2Nd. Specific because the finds are more often firearms and explosive. And even if you are going to look for army buckles, tokens or insignia, you have to dig up cartridges, shells, turntables and other dangerous artifacts echo of war. And there are many more.
What can i find with a metal detector?
By the way, the weapon, which lay in the ground for half a century, in most cases very rusty and crumbles literally in the hands. Which unfortunately cannot be said about explosive finds.

Beach search

A very interesting place to search with a metal detector. The only section of places to search, which is "replenished" by finds. Here your artifacts will be modern things - coins, rings, earrings, watches. Often beach search becomes a special specialty for search ers - buy metal detectors focused on beach search (e.g. Garrett AT Gold), equip metal detectors coils like Sniper, use special scoops.
What can i find with a metal detector?
On the beach you can look not only in the warm time. For the winter often lower the level of the reservoir, or lower edifily. In winter, the beach sand is not as frozen as the ground, which allows you to dig.
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