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Hello to all readers! The long-awaited season is getting closer and closer to us. So let’s talk about finding coins. About the search without a special device-metal detector. If you don’t have it, you want to buy it, but there is no money, or you have taken with you in search and you also want to find something, then this article is for you!

Many say that it is impossible to find old coins without a metal detector in the ground. They are deeply mistaken! Nature has given a man a powerful enough device to search for coins-vision. You just need the right place and the right conditions. For example, coins can be washed by rain on roads or fields that we furrow with metal detectors. There have been many such cases with me. You walk, you wave the stick and you see a golden roundabout sticking out of the ground. All you have to do is come up, bend over and take it.
Silver and bronze coins are best found on the surface. They are perfectly visible due to their brilliance, which gives their location:). Well, if the coin is made for example of copper and does not sparkle. What then? You may ask. Here you should rely on your attentiveness to find a dark roundabout on the dark background of the earth. But here luck is also on our side! The coin is issued by its smooth rounded form, which distinguishes the witness of the eras among the earth! Also often copper coins are covered with green ocislami, which also in this case can help to make out the coin.

A separate story with garden finds. After all, quite often coins are found right on the beds, digging a vegetable garden or missing a carrot:). For example, my friend found two pennies during the reign of Elizabeth Petrovna, just working in a vegetable garden in an old village. After all, such a big coin is hard to miss! And someone is really lucky with the garden. There were cases of treasures.

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So, searching for coins and treasures without special equipment is real, and can even bear fruit! The main thing is to take your time and focus all your attention on the search.