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Powerful Pirat metal detector with his own hands
Such metal detectors can be bought for about 100-300 dollars. The price of metal detectors is strongly interconnected with their depth of detection, not every metal detector can "see" coins at a depth of 15 cm. In addition, the cost of metal detector is still strongly affected by the presence of a detector-type metal and interface type, fashionable metal detectors sometimes equip the display for a convenient Read more "Powerful metal detector Pirat with their own hands".

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Metal detector with your own hands. Detailed instructions with diagrams
Some people believe that custom metal detectors are inferior in a number of parameters to branded models. But in fact, homemade designs can be in many ways even better sold "competitors", and the price of the issue will vary by an order of magnitude.

Diggers, members of military-historical organizations, local historians to save their budgets often look for cheaper analogues and increasingly Read more "Metal detector with their own hands. Detailed instructions with diagrams"

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Metal detector Pirate with his own hands
A pirate is a pulsed metal detector with a simple and easy-to-repeat pattern. The metal detector contains a small number of elements and an easy-to-make search coil. With a 280mm coil, the pirate wakes up to 20cm and the large metal up to 1.5 meters.

The name PIRAT (PIRAT) was given from the developers of its scheme - PI - Pulse Read more "Metal detector Pirate with their own hands"

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How to make a metal detector with your own hands at home
Tips on how to make a metal detector at home: the best schemes of simple homemade metal detectors that you can assemble with your own hands.

Everyone comes in different ways in the treasure hunt. Someone craves profit and bought a metal detector in the hope of getting rich, other fans of instrument search are enthusiastic collectors and want to replenish their collection of antique coins. Read more "How to make a metal detector with your hands at home".

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How do I make a metal detector to find gold?
A metal detector to search for gold with your own hands is a device by which miners can detect the presence of gold in the ground. Of course, even the most powerful metal detector can not give guarantees of the discovery of precious metal in the soil, but the search with such a device will still be more productive. And to save on the purchase of equipment, you can familiarize yourself with the metal detector assembly scheme and make

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Metal detector Pirate with his own hands detailed instruction
In this detailed article, let's talk about how to make a metal detector pirate himself and with his own hands, we will analyze everything on the shelves, all aspects of its assembly. From the principle of action, to a list of popular faults.

To start a little bit of the story from where this device came from, what are the reviews of the diggers and look at its characteristics.

Pirat is not a conqueror of marine.

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