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Metal detector Pirate with his own hands detailed instruction
In this detailed article, let's talk about how to make a metal detector pirate himself and with his own hands, we will analyze everything on the shelves, all aspects of its assembly. From the principle of action, to a list of popular faults.

To start a little bit of the story from where this device came from, what are the reviews of the diggers and look at its characteristics.

Pirat is not a conqueror of the sea far, but such a reduction. PI means that this metal detector is pulsed, and rat is the site of the author of this MD, radioscot. As for the reviews, the pirate has gained the fame of a simple and not expensive device, usually novice creators of detectors begin with it. Reliability depends on the author and the quality of its assembly. Once assembled, it is immediately ready to go, it does not need to be set up.

Characteristics of the metal detector pirate:

Here is also a lot depends on the creator of this device, used parts and the diameter of the coil. Here's an example of the author's stated meaning:

Power voltage 9 - 12 volts.
Consumed current 30-40 mA.
Coin detection depth (25mm) is 20 cm.
The depth of detection of large metals is 150 cm.

The list of the right parts, for a metal detector pirate, is attached in the form of an image below. All these radio parts are not difficult to get, except for the comparator chip, it is relatively rare, but in stores it can be found, enough of them in the old Soviet technique. Now the question of what need details fell away, let's go further.

Metal detector pirate scheme

The classic concept of the pirate consists on the chip ne555, here is her drawing.

Metal detector pirate scheme on NE555

This circuit is made up of two blocks, an pulse generator and a comparator. In short, the principle of work is this: the pulse generator sends its pulses to one comparator input, and the second entrance of the comparator is pulsed from the coil. If there are signals on the two entrances of the comparator, then at its exit it is also there, the signal from the exit goes to the speaker, and it alerts us - metal here. In addition, the Internet has schemes, md pirate using chips tl072 and k561la7. No specific information on k561la7 has been found, so if there is something to say about it, we wait in the commentary, be sure to add to the article.

Metal detector scheme pirate on transistors

This is the second version of the scheme from the developer. As a generator here is used not a chip, and transistors, in the original version of the Soviet KT-361 and KT-361. But no one forbids experiments, other transistors, similar in parameters, will be good.

Microcontroller schemes: Pirate 2, Pirate 3, Pirate 4, will not be attached. As for the scheme for gold, there is no need for any individual manipulations. It is enough to collect an ordinary pirate and test it, it must react to any metals. Some people need to download printing schemes, you can click on the image and save yourself on the computer. If you have done a reworking of the scheme with your own hands, we will be happy to add your version to the article.

So we talked in detail about the scheme of the metal detector pirate.

Metal detector pirate fee

Once from the author there are two variants of the scheme, therefore, there are two variants of the circuit board. Here's the image of the board on ne555:

Transistors fee

Here, by the way, is a fee on tl072, if anyone is interested. On SMD details.

Board sizes:

On transistors - 30 to 76.
On the NE555- 30-80.
SMD on TL072 - 26-35.
Metal detector pirate

Now let's talk about how to make a reel for the metal detector pirate with their own hands.

How The Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector Works
There are many variations of the winding coil. The classic option is to take a pev 0.5 wire and winding 25 turns on some frame, a radius of 19-20 cm. It is recommended to go directly, and how the whole scheme will work, start experimenting with different plugs and adapters. If you like twisting - they should not be, it depends on sensitivity.

Some make a reel for a metal detector pirate, out of a twisted pair. This is a very good version of the coil. To make it, we need about 2.5 to 2.7 wires of a twisted pair. We find the middle and make a mark, then make a ring and also note as in the picture below. All this case fix and begin to round the ring ends on both sides. It should be done tightly, without gaps. It should turn out about three turns.

Pinning wires for a coil of twisted steam

Deep coil for metal detector pirate.

To increase the depth and sensitivity of the metal detector pirate, you need to competently make a reel. The methodology is as follows:

We wind 25 turns.
We test, winding one round and cutting them off, sensitivity will increase.
We find the moment when sensitivity will begin to decrease rather than increase.
Calculate the number of turns and reel a new coil with this number of turns - 1 or 2 turns.
Maximum sensitivity is achieved.
This increases the sensitivity of the pirate. A lot also depends on the quality of the tracks. You can also play with the R7 resistor.

The parameters at which the maximum depth was reached:

The number of turns is 10.
Resistance coil - 2 Oma.
The wire is 0.45 thick.
The diameter is 20 cm.
R7 - 75 Om.

Setting up a metal detector pirate

Doesn't need to be customized. It is enough to collect a fee and turn it on. After 5-10 seconds, it starts making sounds. Variable resistors adjust this sound to clicks - ready, it's maximum sensitivity, shovel in hand and forward.

Metal detector pirate doesn't work

Let's look at the list of faults, their causes and ways to fix them.

Malfunction: After assembly, it shows no signs of life.

Elimination: If you have been soldering with soldering pastes or any acids, it is highly recommended to rub the charge with alcohol and dry. If this does not help, then you need to check every detail for health, these are the main reasons.

Fault: Ne555 or other detail is heated.

Elimination: check the tracks for closures, check the denominations and the health of all the parts. See the tips from the first malfunction, walk through them.

Metal detector pirate with metal discrimination

Md pirate, in the original scheme from the author, can never be discriminated against. Because it is impulse, there is nowhere to be squeaxed. You can do it on chips and controllers - but will it be a pirate? I don't think so.

Metal detector pirate underwater

Usually assembled pirate, ready for spearfishing. The main thing is to isolate the body and the coil well - the entire electronic part. Well, we need to come up with something with an indication. If you certainly will not dive with it - then everything can be left as it is, but under the water, you will not hear the sound. Usually, for such purposes, make a light display.
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