There is hardly one person who would not dream of finding a treasure. Especially in childhood, many dreamed of becoming pirates, someone - treasure hunters. And not the last place in this played those things that, perhaps, each of us found in the garden, at the bottom of rivers and lakes or just in the ground on the places of various developments. And many of these girls and boys, who were deeply immersed in the history of treasures, became either a professional historian or an archaeologist. But some, bringing love to the secrets buried in the land, into adulthood, in their spare time all continue to look for treasures.

Findings of a metal detector and one of the main tools that help in this difficult business are metal detectors. More recently, the guys themselves made at home, almost from improvised means, amateur equipment. His device was simple: coil, resonator, power source and headphones. Listen to the noise, hear the cherished squeak - found! But what was found - until the last moment remained a mystery. It could be old coins, and just beer lids. Modern equipment is able to tell its owner much more!

Let's figure out what you can find with a metal detector. In fact, there are a lot of options, so here are only the most common:

antique coins (mostly found in the old roads or in areas where there were bazaars);

weapons and everything related to the fighting (the main search areas are the places of fierce fighting);

decorations (the same search terms as in the case of coins);

other metal objects (for example, you can find an old forehand).

Findings by metal detector Finds by metal detector Finds metal detector
It should be remembered that modern equipment is designed both for search in water and on land. More can be said: metal detectors differ in depth of search. At the same time, some models are able to detect metal objects at depths of up to 15 meters.
How to use a metal detector and what to find
Choosing a metal detector, the main criterion of choice should be the conditions in which the search is supposed to be conducted. Because it will depend on its cost, and dimensions, and performance, and convenience of operation. Some moments require a compact device, and once - size does not play a role. And, of course, the larger the object, the deeper you will be able to detect it.

One of the defining moments of the metal detector's work is the frequency at which it works. Thus, to find objects at a depth of about 4 meters the frequency should be no more than 6.6 kHz. If the work at this depth is not expected, the devices with a greater frequency, which is about 20 kHz, will be suitable.

Also, the metal detector can vary on the principle of work. Now used:

induction metal detectors;

Pulse metal detectors;

Frequency measurements


The simplest are the most induction machines, the ones that can be assembled even at home.
How to use a metal detector and what to find
Also, we should not forget that in addition to the equipment to determine the location of a metal object, you will also need to get a lot of additional equipment. Most often search engines use:

Shortened shovels;

bayonet shovels (for complex soils);

Ground shovels are ordinary;



Search magnets


We will not say that many search engines use and full equipment for outdoor activities: tents, tracking shoes, etc., etc. Let's take a quick turn on the list above. Shortened shovels and bayonet shovels are very convenient to use if the work is done on complex soils and on a small hole. If the depth of the lie is several meters, you need to use standard shovels. Navigator is already familiar to all apparatus. However, don't forget that the batteries are used quickly enough (especially if the navigator uses a communicator). Therefore, you also need to get either a spare battery or a portable charger. Compass is a must for any traveler and treasure hunter! Believe me, when the navigator will let you down - the compass will become the most faithful friend. All equipment, equipment and necessary accessories can be found in specialized search equipment stores.
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