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The “Iskateli” group is a community of like-minded people who aim to develop a civilized search for artifacts and antiquities, military archaeology. That is why Iskateli opened its own search equipment store in 2004 with traditionally low prices. The range is constantly expanding and now we offer not only goods for search engines (metal detectors, coils, magnets, accessories, specialized literature), but also a large list of goods for collectors of coins, bons, stamps, medals, copies coins, albums, monetists, album sheets.
We offer a whole range of metal detectors of the world’s leading manufacturers: Whites, Garrett, Minelab, Fisher, AKA, XP, Tesoro, Teknetics, Bounty Hunter, Lorenz, as well as high-quality and non-expensive metal detectors Makro and Nokta, which have become full-fledged competitors for the rest of the search engine market leaders.

Collectors, especially numismatists, will find coins from antique, medieval to the newest. Here you can buy coins and bons of Russia and many countries of the world. You can buy both individual coins and sets of coins in thematic albums, a special place is occupied by investment and collectible coins from precious metals.
For those looking for an original gift, we have created a special section where you can choose inexpensive sets of coins for corporate gifts, coins from precious metals for a gift to the boss or a VIP, a meteorite fragment for a gift to a loved one .

Follow our news and promotions, they often come across unique offers, thanks to which you can buy a metal detector, a set of coins and other goods.
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Iskateli Collectors Store Chain

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Iskateli Collectors Store Chain