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What is a metal detector
The ground metal detector is designed to search for hidden metal objects, so it signals every time it detects a similar find. However, modern devices are so advanced that they are able to determine not only the size of the target, but also quite accurately distinguish the type of metal and independently determine the type of soil. Since there are a huge number of different objects in the ground, these detector functions are extremely important to identify valuable finds. In addition to metal debris, treasure hunters bring to the surface a lot of interesting objects with both historical and material value.

The most common find of treasure hunters is of course coins, both ancient and modern type. The most valuable of them - gold and silver, although copper specimens can also be quite rare and have a high value among collectors. However, there is one caveat, coins made of non-ferrous metals are able to make the same sound of the detector as beer corks. Using a simple metal detector it is almost impossible to distinguish these signals, so the search engine will have to dig up the find every time and visually determine its value.
What can be found with a ground metal detector
To find coins it is better to use metal detectors with good discrimination, pinpoiter and high detection depth. A wide scale of discrimination, with the possibility of a consistent or selective cut-off of metal categories, makes it possible to determine the nature of the target quite accurately. Pinpoiter will help the treasure hunter to unmistakably establish the location of the find, even if it is in a pile of garbage. A good depth of detection of the device will allow you to get to the oldest coins, which are on a deeper level.

The most popular model of the metal detector for the search for coins is the Garrett ACE-250, which with its universal characteristics and reliability is a classic version of the device for treasure-finding. Another equally popular model among the coins Garrett ACE-350 Euro is sharpened on the search for coins that are found on the European continent, and has a special identifier for similar purposes. But the best coinman in recent times was recognized the detector Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200, which has all the necessary qualities to search for coins and as accurately recognizes the targets.
What can be found with a ground metal detector
The second popular category of finds is various religious paraphernalia, which include crosses, snakes, small icons, incense, etc. They also come from a variety of alloys and often come across silver. At auctions such items are quite popular, as there are a large number of collectors of church antiques. To find such items of complex configuration, the metal detector will need to have a high sensitivity.

The next category of finds refers more to military themes - it's different details of uniforms, such as buttons, buckles, badges, awards, decals, although sometimes come across elements of civilian clothing, but they are usually found Deeper. In areas of major cities often come across various tokens, which are also the subject of collecting of many collectors. Any universal metal detector will cope with the search for such things.

Some treasure hunters are focused on the search for jewelry, and the search for such items is carried out mainly on beaches and in the coastal zone. Therefore, metal detectors for this purpose must have specific characteristics. First of all, it is tight, to search on the beach enough waterproof coil, but in shallow water you need water protection for water for control unit. In addition, in such conditions, salt water and sand have a strong impact on the indicators of the metal detector, so the device should have the function of balance of the ground. The most popular beachgoers are the Garrett AT PRO metal detectors and minelab X-Terra models.
What can be found with a ground metal detector
Larger finds, such as treasures, household items, antique utensils, sbrui elements and other utensils, require other qualities of a metal detector. The sensitivity of the device here is not very important, but the size of the coil is better to choose more, because in addition to the size of such finds can go deeper. The larger the size of the coil, the deeper it will see and identify larger targets. The same great finds include military relics and weapons for which the black metal search regime is important.

The rarest category of finds are gold nuggets, which require specialized devices, although some metal detectors are equipped with features for gold search. Manufacturers develop such models with the specifics of the search, for example, Minelab GPX5000 has various gold search programs: for small gold particles, to search for gold in salt water conditions, as well as gold relics. Professional geologists and diggers, as well as ordinary treasure hunters, can appreciate the qualities of this detector.
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