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Tune Minelab X-Terra 705
The X-Terra 705 is in all respects a special metal detector, we can say - top, with the possibility of changing the working frequency. A versatile device for the search for coins, military trophies, jewelry and gold mining. And now - he’s tuning in.


As always, it affects the scope of the area and the size of the target. I usually use not too high sensitivity. Most likely starting at 30. But if there is interference and noise, sensitivity is better reduced by a couple of digits. Almost all go with a set of 24 or slightly higher, depending on the sensitivity of the coil.

Threshold tone

The second thing to do after the metal detector is to set a threshold tone. Many treasure hunters ignore this important parameter, and in vain. The threshold should be set at the level of barely audible buzz in the background. Small objects that the display won’t show will be heard thanks to the threshold background as a pause in buzz. If there are many such signals, you need to wave the coil more slowly, carefully tracking the signals.

Ground balance

There are three options for the X-Terra 705. Either you use fully automatic mode (click on the corresponding button on the control unit), or semi-automatic or manual setting.
You don’t have to do anything with automatic mode. Just press the Ground Balance button and then the Mode button. The metal detector will figure it out for himself. This is recommended in places where soil composition changes very often on highly mineralized soils. The automatic mode slows down the metal detector’s reaction to the target.

The semi-automatic mode is called Tracking Ground Balance. The ground balance is still adjusted automatically, but you can influence the basic settings (within recommended ranges). Optimal setting in a positive range.

In manual mode will have to adjust the balance of the ground, continuously lowering and lifting the coil by 2-20 cm from the ground without goals. If the beep is low, press the yu, high - press -. We need to make sure that the sound is almost not audible.

Judging by my experience, the difference in semi-automatic and manually customizable ground balance is generally minimal.


It is better to use the All Metals mode. But if the soil is very littered - to such an extent that constant signals on iron interfere with the search - you can include discrimination. The X-Terra 705 has four factory settings. You can also customize the iron mask for yourself. I usually use a discrimination mask 1 (pattern 1) with an open 48th segment.

Number of tones

The vast majority of search engines include 4 tones. It confuses me. I set the tones in two ways that are designed for different cases.

Multitone (polyphony) is the maximum for the separation of goals. While sounds may seem like cosmic music to you, sharing goals will be excellent.
For maximum depth, I choose one tone and remove any discrimination. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a chance to hear a “ghost whisper” (a very weak signal) at the limit of audibility.

Exploration Mode (Prospecting)

Usually used to search for gold, wild gold nuggets, etc. It is very sensitive. To me this regime is unneeded, in our area gold mining is an unpromising occupation. Sometimes I use to dig silver scales on a relatively clean iron field.

Operating frequency

It can be changed by changing the coils.

In early 2016, Minelab pleased its fans with the news of the release of three 15-inch X-Terra metal detectors. The coils meet Minelab’s highest quality standards, approved and tested by the manufacturer. Great for 705.

The frequency of 7 kHz is universal for general use. The 7 kHz coil on most soils gives good performance.
The 18.75 kHz coil is used to search for very small targets, the same scales weighing less than 1 gram.
And the 3 kHz working-rate coil gives you the greatest depth of detection.
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