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What is a metal detector and why it is needed
What can you need a metal detector in everyday life? Such a specialized device at first glance everyman does not need.

With the help of a metal detector and a metal detector you can find anything from a rusty nail in the yard to a military warhead in the forest. Of course, ordinary people are not interested or even dangerous. Usually devices for finding metals are bought primarily by treasure hunters. Modern metal detectors with a built-in microprocessor allow you to determine the size of the find, shape, depth and even type of metal.

When the search head of the device is above the metal product, the frequency of the support generator changes, and therefore the device begins to emit signals in the form of sound and vibration. High-quality metal detectors allow to determine with 90% accuracy whether the non-ferrous metal is in the search area. For people with impaired hearing there is also a light display.
In addition to the traditional use, the metal detector has many uses. With his help looking for treasures on the beach in the form of lost vacationing valuables, and quite often successfully. It is irreplaceable if you wish to clear the cottage area of shallow lying metal debris, which negatively affects the growth rate of plants and yield.

If you do not plan to regularly search for lost treasures, today there is an opportunity to rent a metal detector for a relatively small fee.

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