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Interesting information about treasure hunters
How to use metal detectors to find gold
There are many places where you can find gold products. Most often gold can be found on the coast of the sea. In the holiday season a large number of holidaymakers by their own negligence lose their valuables. This article will talk about how to choose and most importantly, how to use a metal detector to search for gold.

Not to say that there is some universal

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Metal detectors
To the question: which metal detector is better to buy, looking for the answer of every beginner in the field of search for coins, antiquities, treasures. As a rule, the price of the device and the depth of detection are taken into account. The lower the price, the lower the most significant indicator of the metal detector' - the depth of the search.

What's the main thing about the metal detector?

So you're wondering which metal detector

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How to choose a metal detector. Price - quality
Perhaps the two main criteria by which the novice treasure hunter chooses a metal detector - the cost of the device and the depth of the detection of the target. These are two important factors that are directly dependent on each other.

It should be clearly understood that a cheap metal detector at its core can not have a greater depth of detection. It has a low cost, due to the fact that in its production

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What is the difference between a metal detector
In some cases, you just need a device to search for metal objects. During mass events, police officers are looking for cold weapons. Seekers of various treasures, coins and antiquities are also happy to use a metal detector to reduce search time. The devices help a lot at waste processing plants. Metal detector has and many others.

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How to find gold in a ground without a metal detector
Everyone has the desire to find valuables such as gold jewelry or coins lost decades ago. But not everyone wants or can spend money on expensive equipment. In this case, the question may arise how to find gold in the ground without a metal detector. Basically, to fulfill such desires you need luck. But there is a chance to find a really expensive find.

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Looking for coins without a metal detector
Many people have probably heard stories from grandparents, as they were still little played different coins. Perhaps some of them are preserved in your house, but mostly they have long been lost and distributed. Where did these old coins come from, which usually have good safety?

Some of them were passed down from generation to generation - frequent monetary reforms constantly.

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