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What is the difference between a metal detector
In some cases, you just need a device to search for metal objects. During mass events, police officers are looking for cold weapons. Seekers of various treasures, coins and antiquities are also happy to use a metal detector to reduce search time. The devices help a lot at waste processing plants. The metal detector has many other uses.

We're talking about a metal detector, but then what is a metal detector? The name "metal detector" speaks for itself - it is a device with which to look for metal objects. The meaning of the word "metal detector" at first glance is not so transparent. If you search the Internet, we will see that the metal detector is more often called a hand-held device, with which search at airports, or frames, through which you need to pass (inspection). However, we will not be mistaken if we use the term "metal detector" in all cases.

Manual inspection metal detector

How the metal detector works

Inside the device, electromagnetic waves are generated, which are transmitted to the environment. If the metal object is within range of the waves, it forms vortex currents. They emit their own electromagnetic waves, which are recorded by the sensor of the device. Depending on its capabilities, the display displays information about the found object, or a beep is issued.

Metal detector

Metal detectors are divided into two main groups: detecting large objects at great depths and detecting small objects at shallow depths.

On the principle of work metal detectors are: "reception-transfer", induction, pulse, frequency measurements and measurements of changes in the soundness of the vibrational circuit.

Search for metal with metal detector
The price of the device depends on the method of radiation of radio waves and methods of absorption of signals and their processing. Expensive models are able to determine with some probability the depth of metal and minimize interference from the ground layer.

Types of metal detectors

In appearance, metal detectors are divided into stationary and manual. The stationary ones are installed at a certain place, they can be found at the airport, in stadiums and in places of mass gathering of people.