You don't need a metal detector to successfully search for treasures! This statement sounds paradoxical to many of you. It is clear that with experience and sufficient knowledge, any treasure hunter is almost everywhere able to find at least one imperial coin, if he has a metal detector. Well, if you do not have any "miracle aggregate" and "very much want" what to do then? To answer this question, the presenter of the "Shock Tour" turned to one of the most experienced masters of "hand"search.

The search without a metal detector differs from the traditional technological, says Andrei M. (he asked not to specify either his hometown or surname. - D.A.). In some cases, it is even more effective. For example, when searching in attics, in cellars, in old foundations, the metal detector is practically useless, as the abundance of various metal debris will drown out the necessary signals. But the probe and the shovel - it is. No item will be missed. In addition, non-metallic finds with the help of a metal detector can not be found - bottles, figurines, dishes.

- Why start the "unarmed" search of treasures wanting to embark on such an intriguing path?

- I must say at once that it is not necessary to think that you will come across all the golden tens and Peter's rubles. Accept the fact that your main finds will be small coins, crosses, buttons, bottles - all this can be found almost with bare hands, without buying a metal detector, the main thing - to know where to look. You'll probably spend more money on gasoline, getting to the right place, than find something more or less valuable. But, strangely enough, it does not stop. Patients with treasure hunting under no circumstances leave their hobby.

"Where and how best to look for treasures?"

"The search is usually done after studying the place. If it is a house, then at least about the time of its construction, whether it has been repaired or rolled. In some cases, at least some information about the former owners is useful. If you plan to dig the foundation, also determined the size of the previously standing house, the location of outbuildings, the place of the yard gate, how the street passed, etc. Chainsaw. Of course, it will be a big plus if there is a metal detector, but you can do without it. You should also carefully choose the village - various settlements of the Soviet era are not suitable, it is better if the village originated at least in the 18th century. Today it is easy to find almost completely abandoned villages away from cities and civilization. They can be searched very comfortably - almost no curious.
Looking for a treasure without a metal detector

"Share the places where luck awaits for sure?"

"All the treasure-searching without a metal detector is built on the inspection of the most promising places, the list of which is quite wide. For example, at the corners of foundations, under the thresholds and windowsills, in window boxes, behind plinths, in ventilation niches, in the slab, under the floors, under the porch, in the paws of fallopian logs, in the attic near the pipe and on the beams. In general, these places often depend on the traditions and customs of the area, for example, "sor" at weddings - coins will be behind plinths, under the floor and in crevices. Or such a tradition - going on a long road, to dig a coin near the house.


What is the most successful treasure you could find without a metal detector?

" The most memorable is the whole purse with copper heels of alexander the Second time, about fifty pieces. It was nice to pick up a purse in which the metal shaves. It's an indescribable feeling.

What dangers await treasure hunters?

"For treasure hunters working in old houses, the first danger is these houses themselves. I myself several times fell into the cellars, sometimes the ceilings were showered. It's best to work with someone. You can mention mysticism - sometimes, sit, sort the land, and it seems that from the window aperif look at you. There was even a case - in one house just in a terrible way became in the soul, spat and left, and just a couple of days later, passing nearby, saw that the roof collapsed. Maybe it happened the day I was digging there.
Looking for a treasure without a metal detector

"How to look in winter?"

"In winter, treasure hunting is not very convenient. Search in old houses will be difficult because often they are simply "blown" by snow through window openings and doors. But if you want, you can check reliable places in them. In winter, you can dig up promising foundations, which are most often a pit with low dumps. But to do this, you need to prepare in the summer, that is to find the most promising foundation, as on average the finds will be only in every twentieth. And digging in winter is not very difficult: it is enough to remove with scrap the first 30 cm, and then the ground, as a rule, soft - you can act with a shovel. In such foundations you can find anything - from coins to household items (pots, spoons, dishes). For each winter I leave myself 1-2 places somewhere nearby, as digging is very drawn, as well as any treasure hunter - winter is something long ...

Is it hard to sell today?

"It's very easy to sell what you found today. The Internet is full of various forums of collectors and auctions. If the thing is interesting, there will always be buyers. But most of the finds I exchange for coins of interest to me, because I am a bit of a numismatic. I give a lot of items to local museums. In general, I do not particularly like when I tell someone about an interesting find and I am asked how much it costs. I'm looking for interest, not money.

What is the code of morality of treasure hunters?

"All diggers can be divided into three groups - red, white and black. The Reds are those who follow the principle that the war is not over until the last soldier is buried; whites are all amateurs for whom treasure-hunting is a hobby that is more ruinous than profitable; and black - poachers of treasure-search. Red searchers are the ones who search for missing soldiers from W20, and almost always officially. They work without profit. About 90 percent of all diggers are white. They will never dig on an architectural monument, in an abandoned church and in a cemetery. For them, searching is a part of life. Often they are collectors themselves and thanks to the search they replenish their collections, and many provincial museums replenish funds only at their expense, and for free. In the environment of treasure hunters do not like black diggers, because of them there are unpleasant associations of the image of the digger. But poachers are everywhere - whether it's fishing, hunting or treasure hunting.
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