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Powerful Pirat metal detector with his own hands
While building a completely functional metal detector from scratch is a complex project requiring advanced electrical engineering knowledge, there are simpler, low-budget options you can explore to get a taste of metal detecting.

Here are two possibilities:

Option 1: Build a Simple Metal Detector with a Beat Frequency Oscillator (BFO)

This method uses readily available electronic components and focuses on detecting the presence of metal rather than offering features like target discrimination or depth indication. Here's a general idea (refer to online tutorials for specifics):
Components: Breadboard, resistors, capacitors, transistors, speaker, coil wire, battery, enclosure (optional).

Concept: The circuit creates two oscillating signals with slightly different frequencies. When the coil sweeps near metal, the frequency of one oscillation changes slightly. This creates a beat frequency audible as a tone in the speaker, indicating the presence of metal.

Online Resources:

There are numerous online tutorials and websites that provide detailed instructions and component lists for building a BFO metal detector. Search for terms like "DIY Metal Detector BFO" or "Simple Metal Detector Circuit."

Important Note:

This is a basic project and won't have the functionalities of a commercial metal detector.
The sensitivity and effectiveness will be limited compared to store-bought detectors.

Option 2: Repurpose a Pulse Induction (PI) Metal Detector with a Smartphone App, This option utilizes a smartphone app to process signals from a homemade pulse induction coil.  Here's a breakdown:

Components: Wire, ferrite core (for the coil), audio jack cable, smartphone with a compatible app.

Concept: A simple coil is created using wire wrapped around a ferrite core. This coil is connected to the smartphone's headphone jack. A dedicated PI metal detector app on the smartphone interprets the signals from the coil and provides visual or audio indications of potential metal targets.

Online Resources:

Search for tutorials on "DIY PI Metal Detector Smartphone App" or similar terms. These resources will guide you on building the coil and recommend compatible apps.

Important Notes:

The effectiveness of this method depends on the app's capabilities and the quality of the homemade coil.

Not all smartphone models have headphone jacks or might require additional adapters.
Ensure the chosen app is compatible with your smartphone's operating system.
Safety Considerations:

When working with electronic components, be mindful of potential short circuits. Follow instructions carefully and use appropriate tools.
If you're unfamiliar with electronics, consider working with someone who has experience with basic circuits.


These options offer a basic introduction to the concept of metal detection.  For serious treasure hunting or professional use, a well-made commercial metal detector with advanced features is recommended.

The "Pirate" aspect:

While these homemade options won't  exactly fulfill the "Powerful Pirat" metal detector fantasy, you can add a touch of pirate flair by building a custom enclosure for your detector using wood, paint, and other craft materials to resemble a treasure chest or a pirate's spyglass.
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