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Where to look for coins metal detector?
If you are at heart romantic and dreamer, love adventures and action films, but you have to get up every morning and go to work in the office, then treasure-hunting, as a hobby, you can very well. Or if you are an avid numismatist and exchanged all sorts of coins in your collection, then it's time to buy a metal detector, and go in search of new coins in his collection. But first

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Search for old coins and hoards by metal detector
Having dug out of the ground a mountain of rusty nails, procrastination and other useless items, the person begins to think where to look for coins. There are a lot of places, and everything seems promising, until you face the reality: it is not so easy to find something worthwhile.

For all the nuances of finding coins is still like fishing. You never know how much effort you need to put into "getting out" a goldfish.

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Where and how to look for treasures and coins?
The article looks at typical places in the field, the village and old houses where treasures and coins should be searched. Tips are given on how to search for them with a metal detector.

The search is an amazing hobby. Yes, very, very few manage to find treasures that would make it really rich. But even one well-found old coin is often enough to recoup

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