A brief description of the various finds that you may encounter when searching with a metal detector. Photos and videos of the finds with a metal detector.

Are you starting to think about buying your first metal detector? It can be an interesting feeling, very exciting. Many have already managed to appreciate the romance and adventure spirit of free search. With the help of a metal detector you can find not only something in the ground. Suddenly, you can discover new character traits for you.

Finding coins and treasures with a metal detector requires some knowledge. So even before you go to your first cop, it's better to prepare. The minimum that is worth knowing well is the principle of your metal detector. And then nothing beats the joy of the first find. And what exactly can be found in the layers of the earth? What interesting valuable finds can please your eye? Let's try to consider these issues in this article.

First finds with metal detector

But we will start with the most important dangers for the beginner. Your main enemies at first are your feelings. The first thing to remember - you need to put out a little of your impatience and excitement. You'll probably want to throw yourself in the field right away. Before the eyes will stand clay jugs and dried bags full of gold coins. It's okay to experience this. But you have to keep all these feelings under control.
Finds that can be made with a metal detector
The second point that is waiting for any beginner is no less dangerous. You will be pulled continuously to dig and on any occasion to take up the shovel. Pick yourself up and decide what exactly you are looking for. After each detector signal, do not rush to dig. The forces can leave you before you even find something worthwhile. Having wasted time and time on useless rubbish, you will not be able to find a really valuable treasure.

In the first few visits you may be frightened by the abundance of debris and metal in the layers of the earth. Whether it's turf or deep enough, you run the risk of bumping into useless junk all the time. It's not always a useless "blackout." There are copper, aluminium, and other non-ferrous metals.  Wreckage of machinery, old utensils or tools, parts of units or remnants of former construction. Therefore, it is worth carefully choosing a place to search with a metal detector. In the vastness of our Motherland a lot of places that can be a nightmare for the search engine. Your metal detector will crack incessantly, and you will be confused and disappointed.

It does not prevent you from collecting information about the place of the cop before leaving. If you're set up to look for something on the former battlefields, don't be discouraged. You are waiting for old shell casings, fragments of mines, flaps of tank caterpillars that have gone into the ground. Buttons, parts of ammunition, carbines and buckles.

What can we expect from the finds?

As you don't warn, it's probably going to be useless. Your enthusiasm will be delighted with the first dug copper cross. And you're not going to be able to stop. After all, at first with a new metal detector everything is interesting and fresh. And that's fine, all these positive feelings. It is likely that you will be lucky for the second or third time. And you will find something really interesting and valuable.

One of the most frequent, joy-inducing finds is coins. A variety of eras and denominations. A great opportunity to start collecting your own collection. The very first coin of all valuable finds becomes usually the most beloved. And as a mascot, in years follows her. If you interview a few dozen experienced search engines, everyone will be able to remember this moment. When for the first time from lumps of earth they had in their hands a real old coin.
Looking for a treasure without a metal detector
Pride from your first interesting finds, in your opinion, can outweigh common sense. Do not rush to brag, post videos and photos on the Internet. Try to first really understand what exactly you found. Remember that some people have been gaining experience in search for decades. And they are much more restrained in their emotions. The value of the finds may not be in their monetary equivalent. And in the sense and meaning they carry today.

Do not count the number of items that you will eventually dig out of the ground. But only a small fraction of all finds can be more or less valuable. Depending on the thoughtfulness of your approach to the cop, the number of useful valuables can either grow or fall to zero. You can come across decent enough items. But, alas, deformed or broken into pieces. It is a legacy of the past, a consequence of arable works on the plains. Old decorations, tools, household items and money are affected by ploughs of agricultural machinery.

What finds can be found in the ground with a metal detector?

Looking for everything and all at once - quite tedious occupation. As a result, the efficiency of the search and the number of finds will decrease. It is better if you immediately decide the direction of your search. There are some of the most popular destinations. Conventional searches with a metal detector are divided into searches "in the old days," searches on the battlefields and beach search. You can also highlight a search with a metal detector in old houses (for example, attic search). You can choose one of the directions and work in it, gaining experience.

Making a choice may not be so easy. But you should do an experiment, and understand what finds you like to look for the most. As a result, your attitude to what is happening, multiplied by willpower and appropriate training plus equipment - will give results. That's why it's important to choose the style of work and the area in which you will look for valuable finds. Let's take a closer look at the way you can appear as a metal search fan.

Clads are the most valuable finds

You can concentrate on finding treasures. Whatever they say, but all the caches and treasures in Russia alone are far from being drawn out. Approaching the cop wisely, you get a chance sooner or later to break the bank. News feeds in this sense are very pleasing. Almost every month in the news reported about the discovery of a large treasure. Coins of different times and eras, gold and silver bars, various gems and more. What someone wanted to hide from prying eyes. And the treasure lay for a very long time. In Russia alone, the expanses are such that there is a place to roam. Separately, it is worth noting that there are many monstrously large treasures, confirmed by historians and archaeologists scientifically. And they haven't been found yet. Among them - a treasure of Stenka Razin, lost gold Kolchak, a treasure trove of Napoleon's convoys and many others. Which means someone will find them, sooner or later. Maybe it'll be you.

Old-fashioned finds

The whole direction in the search deals with the subjects and values of the times of the Russian tsars. This is the so-called search with a metal detector "in the old days."

The central place here is occupied by the king's coins. From this type of finds you can make good collections both for yourself and for sale. Some imperial coins are now very expensive on the market. It is believed that the most valuable - silver and gold coins of the time. No less valuable are rare, well-preserved, with unique manufacturing defects.
Looking for a treasure without a metal detector
In places where previously lived people in addition to coins can make finds, which are called metal plastic. These are ancient ornaments, small icons, talismans and other church objects.

Also, valuable finds that can be made during the search with a metal detector "in the old days" include old buttons, buckles (belt plaques) and other items of clothing, everyday life and everyday life.

In finding this kind of equipment, the skills of collecting information, studying old maps and general erudition are important besides the metal detector. In the appearance of a flat field can be overgrown with grass and storm once crowded ancient road. Dig on it - maybe a good crop of similar finds.

If you like the wars that have ended and the battles that have gone by, then choose a military search. With the help of a metal detector here you can find a lot of valuable and just interesting. Weapons and uniforms, parts of guns and military equipment, insignia, personal belongings of nameless and famous soldiers. Open the map of Russia, and you will not find a place where there would not be fights in your time. And you have a chance to find not only something from the weapons of the Great Patriotic War. But also the ammunition of the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. Moreover, in some places around the country found and the remains of battles of very ancient times. Where the arrowheads, ancient swords and spears were found. According to historical documents, such a search can give a huge number of finds. Despite the huge number of seekers. It is said that the military search has not lost its relevance until now.

Finds with a metal detector on the beach

Like water, sand? Try yourself in the beach search direction. Walk with a metal detector on the banks of rivers and lakes. Visit the coastal shallow waters of the sea. Look for finds in the sand and river soil. Someone could have dropped a gold ring here last year. And someone a couple of centuries ago could have dumped a purse with coins in the water. And what was then in the water, now went into the ground of the shore. It should be noted that to search underwater or at depth you may need special underwater metal detectors. And - if you are going to dive, you need to have good health, physical training.

What to do with valuable finds?

Over time, experience forces us to reconsider our own views on different things. And your first discoveries, the findings - over time may seem ridiculous to you. But the more you find, the more items you will have to accumulate. And this is a good fix in order to create a couple of personal collections. How do you know the limits to which your collection of scales coins will grow? Or even the usual but very old elements of harnesses for horses.

The moment you start to understand what you are looking for, you will become a professional. And then the search can become your life. It is impossible to say for sure whether it will bring you a large income. After all, it is possible that even very valuable items from the found by you you do not want to sell. Decide to keep them for yourself, because for you they are dear and endowed with a special meaning.

What to do with interesting valuable finds from the earth - a personal question of everyone. No one can prevent you from keeping a particular object. However, understanding the value of an artifact, you can dispose of it outside the box. For example, to pass it to a good museum. Or sell it to a wealthy private collector. This applies to many areas of search.

Only one thing can be said about the real seeker. No greed should be allowed to cover your eyes. And the value of each thing taken out of the ground is determined primarily by meaning and purpose. For this reason, some of these items are so expensive. Because they have their own personal history, their personal aura and charm, their memory. Remember this when you go in search of new finds.
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