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Homemade metal detectors, or how to make a metal detector with your own hands
Device search has just huge popularity. Adults and children, amateurs and professionals are looking for. They are looking for treasures, coins, lost things and buried scrap metal. And the main tool for the search is a metal detector.

There are a great many different metal detectors, for any “taste and color.” But for many people, buying a finished branded metal detector is just a financial overlay. And someone wants to collect a metal detector with their own hands, and someone even builds a small business on their assembly.

Improvised metal detectors

In this section of our site is homemade metal detectors. will be collected: the best metal detector schemes. their descriptions, programs and other data for making a metal detector with their own hands. Here does not wake up schemes of metal detectors from the USSR and schemes on two transistors. Since such metal detectors are only suitable for visual demonstration of the principles of metal detecting, but not suitable for real use.
All metal detectors in this section will be quite technological. They will have good search characteristics. And competently assembled homemade metal detector a little wakes up to give way to factory counterparts. It mainly presents various schemes of pulse metal detectors and metal detector schemes with discrimination of metals.

But to make these metal detectors, you will need not only desire, but also certain skills and skills. Schemes of the given metal detectors, we tried to break down the level of complexity.

In addition to the basic data needed for the assembly of the metal detector, there will also be information on the necessary minimum level of knowledge and equipment for self-manufacturing metal detector.

To build a metal detector with your own hands, you will need:

This list will include the necessary tools, materials and equipment to assemble all metal detectors on their own. For many schemes you will also need a variety of additional equipment and materials, here only the main for all schemes.
Soldering, solder, tin and other soldering accessories.
Screwdrivers, pliers, cutters and other tools.
Materials and skills in the manufacture of the circuit board.
Minimal experience and knowledge in electronics and electrical engineering as well.
As well as straight hands - will be very useful when assembling a metal detector with your own hands.