For a beginner, a metal detector is a special device capable of finding metal objects underground. However, in fact, not so simple. The earth contains a lot of iron-containing debris. How do you find a really valuable thing in it? After reading this article, you will learn all about metal detectors and be able to pick up a device that will become an indispensable assistant in the search for hidden treasures.

Common feature
A metal detector is a device that detects metal objects in a neutral environment. By neutral environment means land, water, walls of a building, the body of a living being, etc. Modern metal detectors not only signal the found metal, but are also able to classify it.

There are metal detectors that are focused on detecting only non-ferrous, black or precious metals. The abilities of modern metal detectors are almost limitless. In the right hands - this tool is a real assistant, in the inept - almost useless thing. In order for a beginner to learn how to use this device effectively, you need to understand the principles of his work.

Metal detectors - the principle of action

All metal detectors can be divided into several types


reception-transfer devices

through a neutral environment. In cases where a metal object occurs in the path of the electromagnetic wave, they are reflected from it, and the device receives a reflected wave. A signal is triggered that informs the operator of the target.

The principle of the induction-type metal detector is identical to the receiving-transfer device. The main difference - in the design there is only one coil, which simultaneously sends and receives the signal.

The feature of metal detectors of these two types is sensitivity to soil mineralization. The high content of salts creates interference to which the detector reacts. Therefore, the device before work must be adjusted, specifying the type of soil environment.

Unlike previous ones, pulsed metal detectors are insensitive to soil mineralization. At the heart of their design they also have a reel. Its electromagnetic field creates vortex currents on the surface of a metal object. That's what the device catches. However, this principle of work reduces the ability of the detector to discrimination, which can become a significant disadvantage when dealing with one type of metal


How the metal detector works and more for beginners
Generator metal detectors come in different kinds. But all of them have an LC generator at the base of the design. Such devices are a little sensitive, and often they are designed to search for metal of only one kind.

Features of technical characteristics

When choosing a metal detector, you need to clearly understand in what environment it will work. It is also important to consider what size of the item and at what depth it will look. Metal detectors, the specifications of which make it easy to detect a coin under a three-meter layer of soil may not see it on the surface, and vice versa.

Let's take a look at the main specifications to look out for when buying:

working frequency (kHz)
sensitivity (see)
balancing the ground
Extra features

The principle of action and the working frequency provide a basic characteristic of the device's capabilities. They show what type can be attributed to the device: from a simple ground to a professional. Without special customization skills, a professional metal detector is not much different from simpler models, so it is better for beginners to start with budget ground metal detectors. The effectiveness of their work will be enough for a successful search for values.

Sensitivity - shows at what depth the device is able to find an object the size of a coin. Looking at the technical passport, you can see two figures - the minimum and maximum depth of detection. Often, this indicator varies from 10-50 cm to 60-150 cm. However, there are deep models designed to detect objects under a 5 meter layer of earth.

The discriminator allows the metal detector to respond only to a certain type of metal. Do you know how much iron-containing debris can be found underground? Foil from cigarette packs, aluminum cans, bottle caps - the detector reacting to all this, significantly adds to the work of the operator. By setting up a discriminator, you can skip all this garbage and focus on finding only gold, or only copper.

Thanks to the discrimination, it is possible to significantly simplify the work of the operator, so this indicator should be paid special attention. The more programs the discriminator has, the easier it is to work with a metal detector.

Ground balancing - allows you to adjust the device to the type of soil in which the target is located. Ground mineralization changes can give false signals, making it difficult for the device to function. Most detectors set this up automatically.

Targeting can be attributed to additional features. The essence of this program comes down to setting up a search for a specific target size.

All of the above specifications help to understand the capabilities of the metal detector. However, the success of its work depends on the settings that the user makes. Let's take a closer look at them.

How to set up a metal detector

Setting up a metal detector is a delicate thing. It depends on the type of target, the detector model and many related factors. You can't give one formula. The operator selects the settings individually, practicing and experimenting. However, the general principles do exist:

Sensitivity - the higher the setting, the deeper the device can detect the target. However, as this indicator increases, the level of interference increases, so it is not recommended to set the maximum. If the search is carried out in the littered area, several nearby targets smear the signal and make it difficult to search. In such cases, beginners are advised to lower the threshold of sensitivity. Then the device will not react to closely located items, which will allow more accurately to localize the search target.

Discrimination is a very important indicator. The success of its setting directly depends on the result of the work. Modern devices have programmed modes and an intuitive interface. You need to choose the mode you need based on the device model. However, it should be noted that the accuracy of the discriminator at great depths is reduced. Therefore, it is better for a beginner to use the All Metals mode. This will not miss a valuable find.

Other settings depend on a specific metal detector model. Among them there is a balance of soil, targeting, beep. The most important of these is the balancing of the ground, but it is most often set up automatically. The rest of the indicators are adjusted according to the instructions and capabilities of a particular metal detector. how does metal detector works do metal detectors work underwater do metal detectors really work metal detector tips for beginners when was metal detector invented hand held metal detector parts how metal detectors work illustrated metal detectors how they work do metal detector work for gold does metal detector work in snow how does the metal detector work in raft will a metal detector work through pvc pipe.

How to use a metal detector

A well-chosen and configured metal detector is only half the battle. For successful work you need to learn how to use it properly. Divide the search area into zones and smoothly drive the catcher as close to the ground as possible, moving it to the right and left. When the target is detected, the detector beeps. If it is clear, then a small object in the form of a coin is found, and if it is intermittent, you have found an object of the wrong shape. With experience will come the ability to determine the size of the find and the depth of its laying.Hearing the beep, you need to look at the screen of the device. Moving the pointer to the right allows you to classify the type of metal found. If you take the center for 0, the movement of the arrow to 8-12 indicates gold, 26-28 - on copper.

In conclusion, when searching for valuables, the metal detector is just an auxiliary device. The success of the work depends more on the skills and luck of the user. If you're determined to become a professional treasure hunter, try, gain experience, and maybe one day find a real treasure.

You can see in more detail on the training video how to use a metal detector.
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