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Search for hoards with a metal detector, the 2015 season is not closed yet
Finding hoards with a metal detector is a very interesting activity. You don’t have to treat it as something to do with crime. If you comply with elementary requirements and know the laws of the Russian Federation, the excavation of treasures with a metal detector can become an interesting hobby. And such an activity, in addition, can bring a good income or become the basis for an interesting collection.

In addition, this activity implies that you will be a lot of time in the fresh air, you will see many beautiful and interesting places. In the process of searching for the treasure, you will study the story not only by books or the Internet, but also “live” with the help of finds made by you. The whole process is very interesting and exciting!

Search with metal detector by law

Under the new law, the metal detector is responsible for the search and extraction of the treasure if there is no permit and the cultural layer has been harmed.

But if we analyze the new law, we can draw the following conclusions:

There is no specific ban on metal detectors, it is not forbidden to transport, carry and store them.
It is a very vague understanding of what the “cultural layer” is.
If you are engaged in search in places that archaeologists have bypassed their attention, have the written consent of the owner of the site or house, do not conflict with people, then you should not have problems.
Metal detectors. Search for treasures with metal detector 2015

A metal detector is a special electronic device that helps to find items made of metals. This happens by creating an electromagnetic field, which is created when the device is turned on. Of course, it is better to use more expensive models of metal detectors, because they have a lot of additional features to help in the search for treasure.

Every season, the diggers find all sorts of treasures. These are coins of different times, different metal objects. Sometimes they find treasures with gold and silver jewelry. No exception in the search for hoards with a metal detector and the 2015 season . Many seekers post video reports about the work done, share their impressions on the forums about the results of their searches. More and more people are making this activity their hobby. Therefore, each season open more and more treasure hunters. And, if you watch numerous videos, their search often ends well.

How to find a treasure metal detector

Before you go in search of the treasure, you need to prepare. And, first, you need to practice a little with the metal detector. Prepare for this different metal objects: small metal products, coins, jewelry, wire, foil, nails. Try scanning them in the air to hear and understand the signals coming from them. After that, bury them in the ground at different depths, but be sure to sign where and what you buried. Again, scan and analyze the outgoing signals. At the same time it is desirable to use headphones, the sound will be better. Do the work slowly. Having done this practice, it will be easier for you to navigate while searching.

Homemade metal detectors, or how to make a metal detector with your own hands

Now you need to prepare the tools you need to work:

You will definitely need a small shovel (to fit in a backpack), if you plan to search on the beach, you will need a scoot.
You may need a bag for metal objects that you will find.
In the search you will help a special probe. Having snuked it into the ground, you will understand at what depth is the object.
You’ll also need a good knife.
Where to look for metal detector treasures? There are many ways to search for treasures. Everyone has their own. Some are searching chaotically, going to fields and old villages. And some approach it more purposefully.

How to look for a treasure with a metal detector - video tips

If you decide to look for specific treasures, then you will need to study special books, search for information on the Internet. The received information should be immediately superimposed on the map. It will be more convenient to navigate. Maps can also help you, but you need to learn how to superimpose old cards on modern.

Another way is to get information from the residents of the area you have chosen to search for. To do this, you need to meet the elderly who have been living here for a long time. For a more successful acquaintance you will need small gifts and, of course, alcoholic beverages. You can hear real stories about treasures that have been buried relatively recently or medieval legends. Be sure to write everything down on paper, and even better on the recorder.

You can try to look for treasures in the old villages, where people used to live and life was boiling. Here you can find a lot of coins and treasures. The odds are increased if the village has existed for at least 200 years. But first you need to explore the area where and what was here in those days. Don’t ignore the old mills, because they used to have the functions of a “village club.” The road is also important. Because for a few hundred years there were many people who had any jewelry, and there was money in their pockets. And, of course, someone also lost something. Look in the old gardens. People used to spend a lot of time on them. And during the danger, valuables were hidden here.

If you decide to search with a metal detector on the beach. Here you can find silver and gold jewelry. After all, a lot of people lose jewelry on the beach. Try to go a little into the water (protection of the metal detector from water is mandatory) and your chances of finding something valuable will increase.

Can bring good luck and search with a metal detector on the banks of rivers and springs. People often took them as landmarks when they buried something. Before the search, you need to check whether the terrain has changed the last few hundred years. Crossing sout ingeshers can be very interesting, because a person on the road always took money with him.

You can try your luck in old houses. Interesting places: floor, windows. Under the floor you can find a lot of coins and other small things. You also need to check in the window between the frames. If forced evictions were carried out in these places, there is a chance that people in these houses hid valuables. Therefore, be sure to carefully examine the attic and basement. At the bottom of the old wells you can find a treasure. The odds are very high, but it is very dangerous. The old well could collapse. Especially if it was laid out not with stones, but with logs.

Try looking for treasure in the woods. Previously, many roads passed through the forest, there were many military camps, inn yards were built. If you pick up old cards and make an overlay on a new map, you can understand where to search for the treasure. Sometimes, you can see that in the middle of the forest grows a fruit tree, or a tree not typical of this forest. Such a place must be examined by a metal detector. Perhaps this is a very old village.

Some seekers consider it useless work to look for treasures and coins in the fields. But, again, you need to check the cards. It is possible that earlier through this field passed the road, and then the chances of finding the treasure increase. Also do not forget that earlier people spent more time in nature, in the fields.

You can find a lot of useful information on how to look for treasures metal detector on video, which is very much on the Internet. As the treasure troves are searched by a metal detector on video, the Internet often share their experiences with people who have been doing this for a long time. Such information can be very useful, especially for beginners.


If you decide to start looking for treasures with a metal detector, then take this seriously. Be sure to study the legislation of the Russian Federation. Constantly study old books, use information on the Internet, learn how to work with maps. All this will help you a lot during the search.

If you find, for example, instead of a valuable coin, an old spoon, a fork, a button, do not rush to throw it all away. Perhaps this find is much more valuable than you think. After searching, put this place in order, bury all the holes, put in place the turf, clean up the garbage.
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