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How to set up a Garrett AT Pro metal detector
Garrett AT PRO was released in 2010 and has proven itself as a universal search device. Excellent search characteristics on the ground and the ability to dive into the water to a depth of three meters received a lot of enthusiastic reviews. Some diggers compare the metal detector with the younger version of the 350 Ace, but it's a superficial look - in fact, the detectors have a lot of differences. Let's Talk Read More "How to Set up a Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector".

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Setting up the Garrett ACE 250
Read carefully the instructions that are attached to your metal detector.

Here are important aspects of the Garrett ACE 250 setting that require special attention.

Nutrition garrett ace 250

Hold the POWER button for 5-6 seconds to get back to the metal detector settings.

Discrimination and Garrett Search Modes Read more "Setting up a Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector".

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Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector Instructions. Set-up and modes

Many newcomers who bought Aska 250 do not have enough knowledge to make their device work as efficiently as possible. That's why readers of the treasure hunter's blog help me with useful information from personal experience of using different models of metal detectors. And today Alexander will share his thoughts and experience working with Garrett Ace 250. I recommend reading to all users of this good.

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The sensitivity of the metal detector; How to set up
We bought a metal detector, became a treasure hunter and a lover of instrument search. Congratulations, our regiment has arrived. However, the novice search engine immediately begin to have questions about the setting of its metal detector, because it is difficult to immediately understand what and how to set up and what depends on the correctness of this or that setting. In this article we will understand what the sensitivity of the metal detector is, how to adjust it Read more "The sensitivity of the metal detector; how to set up"

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Set up a metal detector
The maximum efficiency of metal detectors based on the principle of induction balance depends significantly on their fine-tuning. An incorrectly configured device will not detect deep or small objects (deep objects are understood to be the size of a coin at a depth of 30 cm). Moreover, the more powerful the device, the more important it is to set up. Less Powerful Devices React Read More "Setting a Metal Detector"

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How to adjust the sensitivity of the metal detector?

Happy owners of a new metal detector are often full of enthusiasm and ready to immediately rush into battle. However, the novice treasure hunter immediately has questions about the settings of his device, because it is difficult to understand how and what exactly to set up, and on what depends on the correctsetting of certain parameters

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