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Setting up the Garrett ACE 250
Read carefully the instructions that are attached to your metal detector.

Here are important aspects of the Garrett ACE 250 setting that require special attention.

Nutrition garrett ace 250

Hold the POWER button for 5-6 seconds to get back to the metal detector settings.

Discrimination and search regimes garrett ace 250

Usually treasure hunters advise using two modes.
The first mode is “all-metal” .” This mode is used on relatively clean areas. Unlike other modes, when searching in all-metal mode, the depth of discovery detection will be as high as possible. But if the soil is heavily cluttered, because of the signals on iron you can miss weak signals on non-ferrous metal.

The second mode is “custom” or manual setting. In this mode, we recommend that you exclude the first two levels in the identifier scale of the detected object. This will eliminate iron and fine foil. This is the most versatile search mode that allows you to use it in any environment.

Pinpoint garrett ace 250

Pinponite is used to pinponite to pinpoint the exact location of an object. When the subject is deep, pinpoint can give various (not clear) readings, making it difficult to determine the position of the target. The searchers recommend removing one or two layers of soil and using the metal detector in pinpoint mode again. It is possible not even to take off the top layer, and it will be enough just to stick a bayonet shovel next to the find and slightly move the lump of the earth.

Garrett ace 250

A low-infomatic and rarely used function of the garrett ace 250 metal detector. Diggers do not advise beginners to pay attention to the values of this scale.

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Sensitivity garrett ace 250

The garrett ace 250 metal detector has eight levels of sensitivity. The searchers recommend setting the sensitivity to values just below the maximum. This allows you to avoid false signals that may appear when it is used on highly mineralized soil. Of course, this will reduce the depth of discovery detection. Therefore, when you set sensitivity in each particular situation, you need to find a compromise between the number of false signals and the depth of detection. Usually this position is 1-2 division below maximum sensitivity.