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Searching with a metal detector is therefore exciting and exciting, that initially you do not even know what is in the ground. You’re walking on a vast plowed field. slowly waving a metal detector and suddenly here it is - a good even signal detector. Experienced search engines who have mastered the device well and communicate with it “on you” will immediately understand that under the coil a promising signal. And when you know that under the coil something valuable, the heart begins to beat strongly in anticipation of extracting the find from the ground. So what do treasure hunters and device searchers find most often?.
If you think that buying a metal detector, immediately start to raise expensive coins and get rich, then you are a little mistaken. Ordinary finds of search engines - it’s beer corks, where without them, they ring exactly - in - just like copper or silver coins. The cork signal - it is the purest and highest quality and not to dig it - a big stupidity, because 30 times you dug a cork, and 31 - raised any old coin in excellent protection. Of course, it is difficult to dig such signals, because it gets very tired. So everyone decides for himself. However, if you read the treasure-hunting forums, then one on the cork signal jumped a gold ring, the other gold coin. You read these stories and go to the cop very motivated. Personally, I always dig cork signals, on my metal detector Minelab x terra 34 tubes show the number vdi 24-28, however the sound of the signal is purely coin.

I found quite a lot of copper king coins and they all showed the number 36-40-44. On the number 28 I always dug only traffic jams, but often jumped out on such a signal Soviet heels. And it is always pleasant to find a heel, even if it is Soviet. And buy them at online auctions very willingly.

In general, if you dig on the site of the former village, you will surely come across Soviet coins. There’s no getting away from that. The exceptions are those villages that disappeared from the face of the earth before the Soviet regime. Such places for the digger are almost sacred, there is no modern garbage (wire, corks, etc.), there come across only antiques, household items and of course royal coins. Digging in such a place, and even unbeaten - a dream of any digger.

Ancient royal coins - they dig very interesting, they are large and weighty, especially heels)))Most often from the finds of treasure hunters of the coin Nicholas II, diggers affectionately call them “nicholas.” Also, we often dig bilons (silver coins made of base silver), they are also during the reign of Nicholas II. A little less often you can find a penny of silver, but they were also released a lot, and therefore they are very inexpensive. Surely you found 1/2 or 1/4 penny silver. For example, for one trip alone, my colleagues and I raised 3 pennies of silver in 1840. Googling, learned that their circulation was several tens of millions.

Even less often we are pleased with the finds - coins of Paul I, from our finds - 1 and 2 pennies of 1801. Although the coins are small in denomination, but very weighty, they do not have a portrait of the king, but only a venzel.

In addition to coins, you can find ancient crosses, and they are very different in appearance and size. We found both copper and silver crosses. One silver sold at auction for 800 rubles, and the other 3 crosses-petal made of copper - went rubles for 200. So the crosses also come across on the cop and they can also be sold. Although someone collects them.

Set up the X-Terra 705 to find rarities treasures coins
Finds on the cop are different, sometimes dig only flowers - pens and parts from samovars, all known horsemeat - decoration of horses, old buttons with an eagle and without it, seals, medals as ancient and Soviet, badges, buckles - they to me Like especially strongly, because if the hide in good protection, it can be vilified itself or also sold well at auction.

So you never know what you’re going to dig up today)) Buy a metal detector and go ahead in search of the unknown.