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How to use metal detectors to find gold
There are many places where you can find gold products. Most often gold can be found on the coast of the sea. In the holiday season a large number of holidaymakers by their own negligence lose their valuables. This article will talk about how to choose and most importantly, how to use a metal detector to search for gold.

It is not that there is some universal metal detector. For certain working conditions, you need to select a device for individual use.

Depth of location of gold

In order to see some objects at different depths, you need to adjust the tool to different frequencies depending on the depth. Most of all metal detectors are configured according to standard parameters, so the average frequency of their frequency is almost 7 kHz. You can see the gold finds that were made by such a metal detector on the video in the article.

This type of tool will not be very effective and effective if you plan to do a lot of searching. This device is designed to just enjoy the search process and hope that luck will turn to you face.

For more productive and serious work, it is necessary to purchase a high-frequency metal detector, which is designed to recognize gold and silver. Such a device is more high-quality and accurate, so it will cost about 10-15 thousand rubles. This unit is suitable for those who consider the search for gold things their leisure or passion.
Despite the relatively affordable price, this tool has several useful features that help in the search:

Ignores interference of the electric field;
Recognizes the soil;
It functions in a polyphonic mode.
Such a metal detector can recognize objects at a depth of up to one meter. In Russia, such devices are very popular and common, because they are simple and available for use, almost do not break, have a light weight and attractive design design.

If there is an assumption that the gold product is at a fairly large depth, then you should use a tool with a frequency of 2.5 kHz. A device with such a frequency to search for gold can detect even voluminous objects that are deep underground.

Devices that work at low frequencies are well looking for items that have excellent conductivity. Gold does not have such properties, so tools that are intended for general use in this case are not appropriate. To find gold products, you should purchase tools designed to detect exactly yellow metal.

If the dimensions of the object are relatively small, the low-frequency device will not see it even if it is on the surface itself. In this situation, you should use devices that have a frequency range of 10 to 20 kHz. It is such metal detectors often used on coasts, beaches, reservoirs and shallow rivers. Before starting work, it is worth reviewing the search for gold metal detector on a special training video.

This device (Garrett AT GOLD) is ideal for finding gold, but it is not cheap (about 45 thousand).

In order not to miss a piece of land and not to lose a find, it is recommended to buy a tool that can quickly reconfigure to different frequencies. Thus, it is possible to carefully examine the soil both at depth and on the surface. Such devices are very high-quality, so their price can be up to 30 thousand rubles. Such metal detectors are suitable for those who are seriously engaged in the search for gold.

Features and features of the surface examined

The characteristics of the surface directly depend on a large number of factors on which to choose devices. If you know all the nuances of the earth’s surface, you can correctly choose a metal detector coil for gold.

Setting up the Garrett ACE 250
Such a part has impressive dimensions, can receive signals at the same time from two or more items. But, if the search takes place on the ground, where there is a large amount of different debris, the large coil will not give the desired result. The signal that comes from one particular item will be interrupted or mixed with all the other parts that are on the surface. In order not to get confused in signals and not to waste your time on foreign objects, it is best to know how to choose and use small coils.

Small coils are more effective for finding gold.

But coils with a small volume are unlikely to see gold at great depths. Such details should only be used on the surface. If you do not know exactly at what depth the object is located, you need to buy a medium coil. To better understand how to look for gold metal detector with such add-ons, it is recommended to study the relevant video.

When selecting a tool, consider whether it is possible to change the coils if necessary. There may be situations when you need to remove a small detail and put on a larger one. Such metal detectors have an average cost. Such models are very sensitive to metals. They can find gold particles that do not exceed the matchhead. In addition, such devices can detect products at a depth of more than one meter. Such devices have very positive reviews of users.

Soil characteristics

Soil noises and disturbances of different levels of difficulty can occur in different soils. There is a flow of air in the layers of the earth, which creates these disturbances. Under certain conditions, the air may be exposed to resonance, so the noise can be quite strong.

Metal detectors capture the vibrational signals of the earth. Because of this, the devices may not notice the gold products. The desired find can be missed if it was purchased not a quality model, and its copy, which does not have such “smart” characteristics as the original. In such cases, choosing the right metal detector to find gold is very important.

You can’t find a lot of gold with a cheap tool.

Cheap copies do not miss ground interference, but on the contrary, catch them. This can affect the depth of action and the amount of metal particles that a tool can notice. But do not think that relatively inexpensive models are not high-quality. Just when choosing it is worth paying attention to the presence of a particular function.

Group work

Even if the treasure hunter is going to do search activities alone, he still can not do without the support of other assistants, who also have the necessary equipment.

Gold mining should be carried out not by one metal detector, but by several.

This issue becomes especially acute when the equipment starts to flounder or even fails. In this case, the useful advice of a person who has a lot of knowledge and experience in using the device can help a lot. If he has had similar situations, you can find out how to fix the breakdowns with your own hands.

Self-repair will be very difficult to carry out. This equipment has a very complex structure and components, which are difficult to understand even qualified professionals.

To avoid such errors, you need to purchase models that are common. If there are many of them, then there are people who are well versed in them. It is difficult to determine the best metal detector that is designed to search for gold. Specific equipment should be selected for a specific situation.