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Where and how to look for treasures and coins
The article looks at typical places in the field, the village and old houses where treasures and coins should be searched. Tips are given on how to search for them with a metal detector.

The search is an amazing hobby. Yes, very, very few manage to find treasures that would make it really rich. But even one well-found old coin is often enough to recoup all the costs of the search. And that’s not to mention the adrenaline, perseverance and fascination that accompany every find of the treasure hunter. whether it’s a gold ornament or a copper coin. It is worth mentioning the great opportunity to learn better about the history of their country.

Of course, it’s just stupid to look for treasure at random. Every reasonable person who decides to try a new hobby, first must find out where to look for treasures and coins. To do this, you need to get a good set of ancient and modern maps of the area, where the search will be carried out.

You also need to explore a variety of sources of information, from chronicles and local stories, to news and fresh rumors. But it is equally important to know how to look for treasures and coins. It is necessary to get a whole set of tools - from a knife and a flask with water to a reliable metal detector. It is still necessary to understand the simple rules of finding coins and treasures. that can greatly enhance the success of any expedition.

Is it any point to look for treasure in a clear field?

Yes, it may seem silly to most people - why look for treasure in the field? After all, no one will lose money in the middle of an unnecessary field. Well, to find a long-buried and abandoned treasure and at all can be with a probability of one in trillions. But do not forget that many busy several centuries ago roads could be abandoned, overgrown and now turned into a field. In addition, our ancestors spent much more time in meadows and fields than we did. Well, where often there are people, there are often lost a variety of things - from copper coins to gold jewelry. So if you want to try out a new metal detector. the search spots are better than the field, you just can’t find.
If the search in the usual field did not bring the desired result, and had to be content with a few rusty nails, it is worth trying to look near the roads. And the road can lead to both a prosperous and an abandoned, forgotten village. Here it is desirable to choose those villages that appeared a few centuries ago - near young villages, the age of no more than a century, it is unlikely to be possible to find something interesting. After all, the earlier the village appeared, the more people walked on it. And on such roads people rarely loitered idle. Much more often they left their native village, going to the fair or to neighbors to buy a cow, a dozen chickens or something from the household utensils.

Of course, to go on such important matters, it was accepted at a full parade - men took out a purse stuffed with gold or silver, and women tried to decorate themselves with all the decorations that are in the household. And if on the way will pass a hundred or two richly dressed people with full of coins purses, there is always the possibility that one or two will lose something valuable. Well, that’s exactly what we need. Yes, it’s unlikely to be able to find the treasure. that will allow you to forget about work for a few years. But to get an engagement ring, some other decoration or a few silver coins - it’s not fantastic.

And look for a treasure near the old, but now abandoned villages even better - less likely that a random passerby or passerby will notice your activities, and decide to join in the search. Well, an extra person, constantly dangling under his feet and falling asleep with questions - not the best application to treasure hunting.

Where to look for treasure in the village?

However, if on the roads leading to other villages or cities, people walked from time to time, then in the villages they lived constantly. Therefore, even higher chance to find a real treasure or something equally valuable will be in the village. Especially if it’s a fairly old village. As practice shows, in such villages you can find anything - from silver buttons to gold coins. Of course, each such find will be a real holiday. And not only because it can cost a lot of money, but also because the enthusiasm of even the most skeptical person will be greatly warmed.

Starting to search for the treasure. Try to gather more information about the village - where the richest man lived, where the treasury was stored, whether there were cases when people buried their treasures, and then died or simply could not find them. Any gossip can be very useful in such a case.

How to choose a metal detector gold
Don’t forget about the abandoned vegetable garden. At first glance, it may seem that there is hardly possible to find something other than weeds and maybe feral potatoes. But this is not the case at all. People spent a lot of time in the gardens, which means that the probability that they could lose something valuable increases significantly.

There is no need to discount the usual “snouts” for a rainy day. During many unrest, be it raids, wars or revolutions, people tried to hide all the valuables, so that the opponents could not find money accumulated by hard work. Of course, they tried to hide somewhere closer to home, to always be able to check the safety of savings. Therefore, it was often hidden in the garden, between the beds. And not always hidden took away - sometimes the treasure could not be found, and sometimes the owners just died, leaving savings to more fortunate descendants.

A serious plus of such searches is the relatively small depth of burying treasures. Even if you don’t have a metal detector in your hand, it will be enough to find the treasure. However, if instead of a pot of silver you have found some old fork, button or dishes, do not despair - it is better to learn more about the find. It is possible that such a small thing after a good cleaning will be able to bring you a considerable profit.

Be sure to check with the metal detector the site near the porch of the house of the richest resident of the village! It is here with a small share of luck you can find a variety of interesting and valuable antiquities. And this includes both coins and jewelry, buttons and other small items that may interest many collectors. Why near the porch? Yes, because there was obviously a lot of walking, and sometimes people sat or fell. Here often shaken rugs, and together with dust and garbage could shake out and unnoticed coin. Therefore, near the porch, despite the relatively small area of searches, very often you can find a lot of interesting items.

Don’t forget about farm buildings

When the search in the garden and near the porch is completed, you can look into the shed. Of course, it is not a fact that the treasure is waiting for you here. But still there is always the possibility that it is the land under the barn some old and thrifty peasant decided to use to store valuables in turbulent times. This choice is not accidental - none of the neighbors will not see him digging on the beds, clearly burying something. And the area of the barn is not too large - you can always easily and quickly dig up buried.

But not always people were able to take away what they buried. As a result, hundreds and thousands of such treasures remain in the ground for many centuries before someone lucky comes, holding a good metal detector. Just rake all the wood into a corner so they don’t get in the way, and carefully check every corner of the land in the barn.

After learning that a wealthy peasant had a cellar, be sure to look there. And here it is worth carefully checking with the help of a metal detector not only the floor, but also the wall. Often people in turbulent times tried to store precious things not in the house, but at hand, so that it was easy and quick to find them. For this reason, treasures are found in cellars. So, to neglect such an opportunity is definitely not worth it.

Looking for a treasure in the house

Whether the treasure hunt in the garden or in the shed is a success, it is worth visiting the house. And here do not forget about any part - you need to search from the attic to the basement.

You can start looking for treasure from the attic. Surprisingly often something interesting, and often very valuable, can be found in the attic. Carefully examine all the rafters and every corner. Pay special attention to the areas near the chimneys. Do not be lazy to check the metal detector and dumping (for better insulation attics of old houses were filled with a thick layer of land, which, if necessary, concealed valuables). Sites near the pipes were often chosen because there was a reliable landmark - it is much easier to remember that a casket or mug with coins hidden to the left of the pipe, than just in the middle of the attic.

It is important that it is in the attic, thanks to the relatively low dampness and protection from precipitation, sometimes you can find perfectly preserved things, for which any collector is happy to give a lot of money.

But here you have to be very careful! The wrong step will be enough that the old and in order rotten flooring could not stand, and the hapless treasure hunter fell from a decent height, getting serious injuries. So, don’t forget about safety for a second!

After the attic we go down to the basement. It will be useful not only metal detector, but also a good headlight - to work with a candle or kerosene, of course, romantic, but not too practical.

Search the walls and earthen floor - very often people hid treasures in those places, which could be easily and quickly reached. Of course, the basement was perfect for these requirements. Therefore, very often it is the cellars pampering the lucky treasure hunter with pleasant surprises.

That’s it. Remembering these simple rules, you can always hope for a successful search for treasure.