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Where to dig with a metal detector under the new law
As it turned out, recently the search for various items with a metal detector has become quite common occupation. So let’s figure out where we can do this so as not to break any laws.

Basics for metal detectors

For all fans of excavations since ancient times, a law has been passed prohibiting such activities almost everywhere. Fortunately, not so long ago this law was revised and people who use the metal detector as a hobby can finally enjoy the search process. But the fact that all the finds found underground, as well as under water, belong to the State remained unchanged. Therefore, if you find any antique object, it should be reported immediately to the relevant authorities. If you do not, you may be prosecuted under Federal Law 245.

Where and how to look for treasures and coins

Places where excavations are allowed

Anyone can buy a metal detector and start searching for various items. But to do this, you need to make sure that in the places where you are going to use this device, previously not found ancient settlements. Please note that this law now has an amendment indicating the age of settlements - no older than a hundred years. But even with full compliance with all the rules, you will have to surrender your find to the state if it has archaeological value.