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How to set up minelab X-Terra 705
Many users are faced with the problem of setting up the Minelab X-Terra 705. Most often it is due to the difficult presentation of instructions, which we do not like to read very much. So, if you’re interested in a fast start, here’s what you’re doing:

1. Turn on the detector

2. Choose the right search mode: 705 graters have the option of choosing from two modes - exploration; coins and treasures

3. Choose to set up discrimination and set up the level of iron discrimination

4. Adjust sensitivity in the right range

5. Choose a jamming channel (manual or automatic)

6. Set up a metal detector on the soil (auto, manual or ground tracking)

7. You can start your search.

Set up the discriminator.

If you’re interested in advanced settings, the following information is for you. So, we need to understand the settings of the discriminator, sensitivity, soil rebuilding and interference.

Discrimination against metals

The metal detector discriminator is able to distinguish between the types of metals in the soil.

The X-Terra 705 has four standard settings, a “all-metal search” and an iron discrimination mask. By changing settings 1.2,3 and 4, you can create your own discrimination masks, which are saved by the machine even after the device is turned off.

The X-Terra 705 metal detector has 28 segments of discrimination from -4 to 48. The closer iron settings to 0, the greater the chances of discovering gold nuggets, however, in this mode and iron debris will be taken. The closer the iron settings to 20, the fewer signals from the debris, but the less the signals from gold.

Let’s take a closer look at the default discrimination settings (4)

Set up Discrimination 1. Signals from non-ferrous metals, such as gold jewelry and silver coins, are accepted; objects containing iron and “hot stones” are excluded.

Set Up Discrimination 2. Signals from non-ferrous metals are accepted, objects containing iron, foil, tongues from beer cans are excluded.

Set Up Discrimination 3. Signals from some alloys, chermet and most non-ferrous metals are accepted; Exclude objects with iron content, aluminum foil.

Set Up Discrimination 4. Signals from some black and almost all non-ferrous metals (gold and silver jewelry, coins) are accepted; excluded objects from black metals, “hot stones.”

Do not exclude from the search negative values of segments, especially if you are looking for coins, including scales - small coins give a negative signal, and you can be left without a treasured find.

If your goal is a beach search, it would be better to set up a discriminator to exclude foil, tongues from cans, which on the beach meets a great variety. Set up the discriminator only after making sure - the signal from the foil means only foil. Try to be a bit like All Metals, and only then can you decide to include or exclude certain segments of discrimination.

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When digging on coins and antiquities, exclude only iron, but not foil. The fact that on the places of ancient settlements corks and other shusher are quite rare, setting up a discriminator only to search for colored purposes you can miss a valuable find - crosses, ancient decorations.

X-Terra 705 - Sensitivity setting

Under each search terms, you should set the right level of sensitivity. The sensitivity settings determine the depth of the search and the ability of the detector to detect small targets. The X-Terr705 is a highly sensitive detector with a wide range of sensitivity regulation.

Beginners are advised to set the lowest level of sensitivity with gradual build-up. The fact is that with high sensitivity on THE MD more affected by interference and mineralization of the soil, the novice digger will be difficult to understand the cacophony of sounds. The high level of sensitivity of 22-30 is used only in areas with stable low-mineralized soil. For beach search, the sensitivity level should not exceed 15, and in littered areas 9.

Cleaning from the ground

The soil contains minerals, which are an obstacle to the pulse signal of the detector. That’s why the results of tests on the ground and by air vary so much. To make the device work properly, the developers have implemented in the X-Terra 705 the function of building from the ground, allowing to get good results even on heavily littered and mineralized soils.

The 705 graters have automatic and manual tuning on the ground. Beginners are advised to use automatic tuning at first, but experienced treasure hunters prefer to customize the device manually, and do it as often as possible - even in homogeneous, seemingly, soil there are different zones on the ground mineralization.

If you set up the ground in the search mode of coins and treasures, the sound will be constantly lost, and if the device is configured incorrectly in exploration mode, the sound will be irimity.

Setting up the ground balance may not lead to much improvement when searching the beach. For better results, try to change the sensitivity and other parameters of the detector.

Building away from interference

If you’ve ever searched near power lines or other Mds, you know what interference is. Each device works at a certain frequency, and if there is a source of similar frequencies nearby, there are interferences.

By building away interference, you can change the track from interference and thus reduce the amount of interference. Five channels (-2, -1, 0, 1, 2) are available and are also shown on the menu scale. The X-Terra 705 has two jamming modes - manual and automatic.

We’ve figured out the basic settings of minelab’s X-terra 705. You just have to find a good spacious place with a minimum amount of metal debris and start your first search.
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