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How The Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector Works
The Garrett ACE 250 metal detector has one of the biggest advantages, ease of development. Practically turned on and went looking for minimal settings. And this approach in management, does not affect not the number of finds with this detector. On the contrary, he works out his position as the leader of low-cost metal detectors, many times over. How the metal detector works, and what settings the detector, what affect. Review in the Store Clader.

How Garrett ACE 250 works

Cheap metal detector Garrett ACE 250. American manufacturer Gareth. The leader of the entry-level metal detector class. The main advantages of ace 250, affordable price, detector control at the level of "turned on and went looking", reliability in the field, a large selection of additional coils for the Garrett ACE series. But the biggest advantage of Garrett ACE 250 is its practical performance in the finds. Metal detector Garrett ACE 250, brings finds always.

Garrett ACE 250 operates on the principle of digital signal processing and selective discrimination. For the metal detector, all metals are divided into 12 segments (the scale of discrimination on the ACE 250 screen). Each segment, this is a specific set of metals. For example, the far left is black metals, and the far right is silver. You can include or exclude any of these segments, thus creating a search mask (search program). When the find is hit by the ACE 250 coil, the screen highlights a segment corresponding to the group of metals, is issued a beep (in the metal detector ACE 250, the beep 3-tone), the depth to the target is shown.

Build Garrett ACE 250

The Garrett ACE 250 is a classic ground metal detector. S-shaped, three-composite rod, with adjustable height and fastening on button retainers. The top location of the metal detector unit, if necessary, the block is removable. Power ACE 250, four AA-type batteries (included Garrett ACE 250, already have batteries and can check the metal detector right out of the box).

In hiking state, the Garrett ACE 250 is dismantled into 3 parts. Top rod with armrest and control unit. The middle bar. The bottom bar, with the coil attached. In search state, ACE 250 is driven for just a few seconds. The rods (button mount) are connected, the wire is wrapped from the coil around the barbell and connects to the socket on the Garrett ACE 250 control unit.

Garrett ACE 250

The Garrett ACE 250 metal detector provides an opportunity to start a search without much study of the theory of detectors. Literally, got out of the box, chose a search program and went to knock out the finds. The search program in ACE 250 is responsible for the set of finds you want to receive a signal from the detector. Garrett ACE 250 has five search programs. Four ready-made, factory settings on Jewellery, Coins, Historic Finds, All Metals Mode. Fifth program ACE 250, custom. This program allows you to create your own search program with a metal detector. The custom program is memorized, and retains its settings after the metal detector is turned off.

How do I check the BU metal detector
The sensitivity of the Garrett ACE 250 metal detector. Adjustable setting, with its display scale on the ACE 250 screen. Allows you to rule out the impact of external interference. For example, searching with a metal detector under a power line, or searching for highly mineralized areas.

Pinpoint mode, the function of accurately defining the center of the target. One of the most important functions of a metal detector, when searching for small finds (coins, jewelry). With pinpoint you can dig a coin with one shovel.

In addition to the metal discrimination scale and sensitivity scale, the Garrett ACE 250 screen also displays supporting information. current search program with ACE 250. The depth of the goal. The condition of the metal detector batteries.

Buy Garrett ACE 250

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