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How do I make a metal detector to find gold
A metal detector to search for gold with your own hands is a device by which miners can detect the presence of gold in the ground. Of course, even the most powerful metal detector can not give guarantees of the discovery of precious metal in the soil, but the search with such a device will still be more productive. And to save on the purchase of equipment, you can familiarize yourself with the scheme of assembling a metal detector and make it at home.

If large-scale excavations of a new source are planned, one metal detector will be small. But if the process is interested in a group of miners, the device will help in gold mining. The device is capable of emitting waves as well as receiving reverse signals. When connected in the search tip of the device generate electromagnetic fields that interact with different substances.

The principle of the metal detector

If a metal detector detects gold or other metal in the thickness of the soil, then on its surface there are vortex points that are transformed into a signal. If a piece of metal is found, its electrical conductivity is measured. But if the substance does not have electrical characteristics, then it is necessary to buy or manufacture other metal detectors that catch the radio wave.

The main characteristics of the metal detector for gold

Collecting a metal detector to find gold. it is necessary to take into account that the size of grains of sand in the ground is small, so the frequency of the device should be within 14-20 kHz. And the scheme of the device indicates that special attention in the manufacture of a metal detector should be paid to the balance of induction, as well as two coils in the head. Powerful electronic circuit gives an opportunity to determine the depth of metal, their passability and other characteristics.

During the design of the detector, the emphasis is on the basic requirements for the gold search device:

High penetrating ability. The setting depends on the coil and determines the depth of the soil to which the signal will be signaled.
The size and size of the search area. The metal detector should have a medium size.

High sensitivity should also be present in the device.
Selectivity. A parameter that is constantly under way. It is almost impossible to provide the choice of precious metals, so the device reacts to other components of the earth.

Permitting, or discrimination. It is an opportunity even before the excavation to learn the nature of the substance in the ground. But usually the function is only present in expensive devices.

The depth of the search is one of the important parameters. And the principle of the device plays a role. If the metal detector is radio-frequency, the probability of detecting precious metal with it is low. A more reliable option is impulse induction devices. They do not require adjustment and have sensitivity to small metals.

How can I check the used metal detector
The gold-diggers work most often on the principle of "receiver-transmitter", the frequency of such a device is fixed, which allows you to find small nuggets.

The scheme of metal detectors can be different. In homemade versions, the devices are built in such ways:

Parametric. They don't have a receiver or a reel. Such devices are the cheapest, but their use requires experience, because the frequency floats and it is difficult to catch a signal that really will point to precious metal. Most often, these seekers are used to search for magnetic elements, and sensitivity to standing materials is weak.

Receiver. They require the best quality reels. The scheme of assembling such a device is complicated, will have to spend.

With the accumulation of phases. Works by shifting phases; making clicks and sounds of high tone, helps to orient the miner.

On the beat.
No receiver.

How to assemble a simple device at home?

Metal detector with their own hands can be easily collected by people who do not even know anything in radio equipment. This is done with the following items:

Radio scan;
boxes (plastic or cardboard);
scotch two-way.
The principle of the device is pulsed, and the essence lies in the rotation of the magnetic vector of the EMF during overradiation. The quality of such a device, of course, is difficult to compare with a professional metal detector, but as an affordable alternative device for beginners will come in handy.

Of course, the devices that are used in the assembly must meet certain parameters. Calculator should be chosen the cheapest, they are often made "in the skids." Such devices are difficult to use for their intended purpose, but they are suitable for a metal detector. These products are powerful sources of radio interference, and the "blame" for this clock generator calculator. It is needed to build a new device, in particular, to probe space.

The receiver should also be made of cheap appliances, without increasing interference resistance. The main condition for using the receiver is a magnetic antenna. You can take devices with the reception of medium or short waves.

Then you should stick to this algorithm:

The calculator and receiver with tape should be fixed inside the box. To be able to easily control the device, the receiver must be placed on the lid of the box from the inside.

With the receiver on, you should put maximum volume at the top of the AM range. Do it better in a site where there are almost no radio stations and radio interference.

Next, you need to turn on the calculator. After that, the receiver will buzz or squire, in any case will make some sounds, and the volume does not need to be slowed down. After setting the tone, the lid of the box can be closed, the tone will disappear or weaken. With this action, we found a position where the magnetic pulse vector is directed perpendicularly to the axis of the magnetic antenna ferrite rod, so that it does not accept them.

In this position, the lid should be fixed. Sometimes you can do the opposite. The turn of the magnetic vector is an opportunity to hear the signal and understand that there is gold in the ground.

The metal detector scheme is freely available on the Internet. The device of small power can really be designed by yourself. And already the search for gold should be carried out extremely carefully, as the process is prohibited, and miners are punished by law.
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