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How do I check the BU metal detector
How to check the metal detector boo and what to pay attention to first. Of course, not a new device for sure has acquired traces and luggage of use, but you are going to still look with it, and not spend time and money on repairs. Practical tips on how to check no new metal detector when buying.

When buying a metal detector, which has already been in the field on the cop, in addition to the general inspection, it is worth paying attention to a few points - Coil, Bar, Processor Block.

Checking the coil

Even one exit in the field will leave traces on the working side of the coil - there will be scratches. So when you're told that the metal detector is new, and there's a scratch surface, it's already on the lookout.

The metal detector coil is quite an expensive part. Even the cheapest Garrett branded coils, Minelab start at $100.

Check the presence of rubber tabs on the bolt coil. If they are not, the coil will dangle on the barbell and the total of the broken ears of the coil. Although they are inexpensive ($2-5), but the hassle of finding them (or making them yourself) will not give you the joy of searching with a metal detector "food to search for right now."

We make sure that there are no cracks in the ears of the coil. The old Minelab coils for the X-Terra 30, 50, 70 series are particularly affected. Broken coil ears are repaired very poorly and this can become a big problem. Especially unpleasant in the field - you came to search and then such a breakdown.
Modern reels Garrett, Minelab, Fisher immersive. That is, they can be lowered into the water. And when inspecting the metal detector boo pay attention to the absence of cracks and chipped on the coil. Such damage is easy - for example, when swinging in the grass, knock on a hidden stone. Of course, when depressurization and moisture gets wet, such a coil at best will give a distorted picture, at worst do not work or disable the electronic unit of the metal detector.

And after searching for cracks and chipping, we immediately look at the connections of the cable and coil.

The cable attachments in the coil are a weak point. It is very easy to hook the wire by the branch and pull. Over time, the sealant in the joint will dry up and the water will get inside. Everything should be intact and without any signs of repair.

Checking the barbell

Lightweight materials are used on branded metal detectors. The last segment (near the coil) of non-magnetic composition. All parts are sold separately, but their cost against the background of the metal detector will look unprofitable. In general, it should be native and whole.

Checking the processor unit

The metal detector processor unit is not sold separately. It is also difficult to buy a new building for it.

We check as usual electronics - working buttons, a whole without leaks screen, clean battery compartment, etc.

Check that the metal detector does not "ring" in the air. If the coil is faulty (for example, water in it), if the processor block with a malfunction - the main symptom is the sound signal without a purpose. And again, there are some nuances to which it is necessary to prepare and know their nature. If you make the most of the sensitivity, in some cases, expensive devices (such as Minelab E-Track) can be powered by electrical interference (power line, mobile phone, etc.). The planted batteries in Garrett ACE 250 will also give false signals when flapping through the air. When inspecting the metal detector BU should read about its features.

How do I make a metal detector to find gold
Check how the metal detector weeds out the signals. The discriminator's work is the main function of the metal detector, and how it will work is directly related to your findings. Faulty coil, electronics can show only one signal, and do not divide by the degree of conductivity. Check the response for different purposes - black, colored.

The screen should appear smoothly - do not go out, do not flicker and display all the elements. The first sign of water in the processor block of the metal detector - the screen goes out, part of the screen is not displayed, flickering.

If the metal detector is on the Warranty

You can often find offers to sell a metal detector, which is still under warranty. be sure to update what the warranty is.

It's an important point. In Ukraine, there is only one official Service Center for the maintenance of metal detectors Garrett, Minelab, Fisher - D. A.S. And only metal detectors officially imported to Ukraine are served.

And accordingly any warranty on a metal detector other than D. A.S. is at best not an official, at worst empty document.
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