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Metal detector - the device is designed to search for metal. These are already modern metal detectors can distinguish the object by type, depth of lay. And for those who decided to go to search for metal in the ground, will come down any not expensive device.

Once upon a time people searched for metal in the ground, and found quite a lot. But, now with the rise in prices in the steel market, people have approached this method more seriously. Someone even lives and feeds the family. Personally, I do not search for metal, but from friends heard, so I will share secrets. First, we need to choose and buy the device. To walk and look for iron deposits, any not expensive device from $100 or more will come down. Below is a list of such devices.

Garrett ace 150 is not an expensive device, the cost of which is 1960 UAH, this device has a function of determining the type of metal, determining the depth of metal. The maximum depth is 60-80 cm for large objects.
The 5I is a super device for finding black metal. You can buy for 1700 UAH, in a used state you can buy for 700 UAH. The maximum depth is 2 meters. It is possible to install the depth of the coil.

Korsar Supermaster - this device is better to buy in a used state, the cost of which will be 1500 UAH. For coins it is weak, but for black metal will be super.

Clone Pi-W - budget MD, which is not particularly popular among scrap metal workers, and in vain. The depth of such a device can reach up to 1 meter. This device does not require a change of batteries, it is charged. It costs only 1000 UAH.

When we have chosen the device, we need to choose a place to look. Personally, I believe that there is more than enough black iron in the ground. We leave in any landing, turn on the device and find. But, who wants exactly a lot, then this place should be looked for more diligently.

I remember looking for coins near an old railway. So I came across iron crutches pieces 25, plus 2 slabs of iron, and a piece of rails. Naturally, I took it all home, in the end about 70kg of black metal was covered in weights. So the answer to the question is, is it worth searching for metal near old railways? The answer is unequivocal, yes!.

Where to find scrap metal
Old farms, collective farms, always seekers please with finds. After all, for a long time these irons were not valued, they were piled on a pile, or scattered all over the farm, until many years later iron did not go into the ground. In such places it is worth looking, finds will be.

Who digs through the war, knows perfectly well how much iron comes across. For one exit in the old trench you can find more than 100 kg. So in such places it is also necessary to look, only fragments and casings will bother. But they're also accepted.

In the usual landings near the track, there will also be finds made of black metal, these are old discs from kamaz and to cars. True littering of our people is off the scale, but with a deep frame such garbage will be cut off.

So the search for metal can be conducted anywhere with any device. The main desire and patience.

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