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How to make a metal detector with your own hands
Many lovers of treasure hunting, and just people trying to save money, wonder how to make a metal detector with their own hands. We will immediately note that from improvised means it is possible to make an amateur device metal detector by its characteristics much inferior to professional devices. At least that would somehow approach the level of search to them, you need at least to know the radio equipment, understand the circuitry and spend a lot more time and money than we offer in this article. We give instructions on how to make the simplest metal detector at home with your own hands.

Therefore, do not expect from him something more than the identification of small metal objects on (or) shallow in the ground. The homemade metal detector is also suitable as a device for entertainment with children, the detection of deks, nails, coins. For more serious purposes, you should buy a professional metal detector. Before moving on to any actions, that would make a metal detector with his own hands you need to understand what he shows himself and on what principles works.

The vast majority of metal detectors, regardless of type, have a similar design. That is why our proposed methods of creating a metal detector with our own hands differ only in part. Professional metal detector consists of several parts: handles that are adapted for comfortable wearing and detection, the detector itself - often served by a cat and a control box which includes a battery, micro dynamics, board or Microprocessor.

How the metal detector works

Metal detectors of any complexity for metal detection work on the effect of changing the magnetic field emitted by the cat detector. The magnetic field of the search cat is sent to the ground, and when the cat conducts over the metal object changes its tone. These changes are caught by the second cat which also reports the find through the tonal alarm. Thus, in close proximity to the metal object due to the effect of magnetic attraction changes the tone of the field which we register. Also, it becomes obvious that the more the search cat the more powerful the device will be. But, to detect small objects it is preferable to have a powerful but small cat at the same time, this combination is almost impossible to make in a metal detector with your own hands. As we can see to create a metal detector, you first need to make a search head - a detector that will pick up the signal. We offer two simple but working instructions to create the simplest metal detector with your own hands from improvised means.

How to make a metal detector with your hands from a radio

To do this, we will need a radio running in the AM range. In addition to it, you also need to use a household calculator. These two devices will be the analogue of the metal detector. The main thing is to fix these two devices in close proximity to each other on a flat hard surface. This surface can serve as plywood or plastic. It is also important to fix the devices with tape or insulation tape. As a flat hard surface of improvised materials, a CD box is best suited. And so, we came close to the question of how to make a metal detector using a radio. We follow several steps:

Attach a tape or tape radio on the inside of the sash from the CD
Similarly, on the second fold, attach a calculator
Turn on the radio and set it up to the highest am frequency of the range. But so that there would be no signal from the radio stations. We try to make the loudest possible sound.
Turn on the calculator
Fold the cd box
A little fold box from the CD to achieve optimal sound quality.
We check the metal detector - we bring to any metal object and hear a loud sound.
The resulting search engine can be attached to a stick or homemade holder for convenience
It's cool. We received a working device, that is, made a metal detector, using only improvised materials and own hands. As a source of magnetic field in this scheme, we use a calculator, and the receiver of the signal is a radio receiver. The magnetic field of the calculator affects the radio output signal in such a way that we hear characteristic sounds in the form of cod. If a metal object is detected near the calculator, the signal at the output of the receiver will be distorted and we will fix this distortion by ear. Other improvised means, such as CDs, can be used instead of a radio. Consider the second method of creating a metal detector at home.

How to make a metal detector with your own hands with discs

As in the first case, here we also use a calculator, but as a signal receiver will be used a pair of conventional discs, a battery of 9 volts and headphones for fixing sound.

And so, if you are interested in how to make a metal detector with discs, then follow such simple steps:.

What is a metal detector and how does it work
With scissors cut off the headphone plug and bare two wires. We get two copper wires of different colors (let's say red and blue)
Take the CD disc and use a superglue to glue one of a pair of wires (let it be blue) on its writing surface
In the same way, but only on dvd the disc is glued already red wire. We get two discs from which go two different wires from headphones.
Securely attach wires to discs with tape or tape
Take the battery at 9V and attach the blue wire from the headphones to the minus, red to plus.

We get a design in the form of two discs from which there are different wires also attached to the battery
Take the calculator and attach it with insulation tape to the CD disc
Put the DVD on top of the calculator, connecting both discs with tape.
Put the battery on top of the DVD disc and fix it with tape
So we made a metal detector with our own hands in the second way. You can also attach the detector to the handle as well as in the first case. Swiping the discs over the metal object, you can hear specific sounds in the headphones. Either of these two proposed methods will help make a simple working metal detector with your hands at home. Without complex schemes and serious efforts and costs.

But, if you need a quality device of a professional level, we recommend to buy a metal detector from well-known manufacturers. Good luck searching!.
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