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Metal detector categories to search for gold and their properties
Everyone knows what a metal detector is, but many people also wonder if metal detectors exist to search for only gold and silver and what are they? And most importantly - if there is a desire to search for nuggets, how to choose a metal detector to search for gold?

Almost everyone sometimes becomes interested in whether it is possible to make money on gold mining, if you do it in a non-industrial way. This is not too profitable, because to get at least one gram of gold will have to shovel a lot of cubes of earth. Is that true? The average gold content in the earth's rock is 5 mg per ton. For industrial production, this content is considered to be very low. But there are places where this figure is a few grams.

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These places are called deposits. When the deposit is opened, a company is usually built on this site, which starts mining gold. If someone discovered the deposit and started mining there, it could soon become quite not a poor person. For this purpose, and serve metal detectors, but not only.

Many use a metal detector to find coins and gold on the beaches. It can be sand near a river or other body of water, where the water on the shore brings the washed-out rock. Any modern metal detector is suitable for such needs.

Device properties

The ability of a metal detector to find the smallest gold particles and distinguish them from other metals depends on its characteristics. Now the most important characteristics are considered discrimination and tightness of the search coil. The first shows how accurately the device distinguishes metals, the second - how deep it can be lowered under water.
Many metal detectors are now equipped with coils, which are filled with compound so that they can be used underwater. The depth at which the metal detector will still function depends directly on its cost. It is determined, first of all, by the length of the cord and hose of the coil and is usually 30-50 centimeters. At the same time, if the metal detector does not have the appropriate block, it should never be lowered into the water. Moreover, it should not even get splashed. There is even a metal detector designed to work in water at depths of up to 3 meters.

A conventional metal detector will be enough to use the beach for amateur purposes. But professionals use other devices - metal detectors specifically designed to search for gold. Differences in appliances:

Metal detectors to search for gold have selective discrimination. The most expensive of them are supplied with a screen, where there is a graphic scale with division into segments responsible for a certain metal. The program allows you to turn them on and off from the search.
It is equipped with an airtight, highly sensitive coil, which allows you to search for the smallest parts both in water and on land.
Metal detectors that react to gold have a function that helps eliminate foreign noises and signals if the soil has high mineralization.

The main criteria to consider are:

Depth. The cheapest models have a small search depth of about 10-15 cm, in rare cases up to 30. The best models will allow you to detect gold objects at a depth of more than 2 meters. Usually such equipment has good characteristics and the ability to recognize small objects, but it is not uncommon to make mistakes if there are too many minerals in the soil.
The ability to distinguish metals. The cheapest distinguish most often one metal or two. More expensive - from three and above.

Determining the coordinates. Some metal detectors are supplied with a program that allows the owner to determine the exact location of the found object.

The balance of the ground. An option that is only present in the most expensive devices. It allows you to automatically determine how polluted soil is and to remove interference. Such a filter makes it much easier to search.

How to find gold in a ground without a metal detector
Search programming feature. There are devices from the category "best metal detector for gold." Helps you manually set all the search options you need, which saves you a lot of time.
Application. As has already been said, metal detectors are ground and underwater. The most expensive are supplied with additional coils designed to work in any condition.
Safari metal detector created to search for treasures, coins, gold jewelry

Metal detector categories

As the price of the device increases, the owner benefits in characteristics such as sensitivity and discrimination.

1) The simplest metal detectors, the cost of which does not exceed 10 thousand rubles, are not suitable for such a task. The maximum that can be done with such a device is to demonstrate the action of the basic laws of physics to children or look for scrap metal. All the right parameters are at an extremely low level. You can also try to look for coins in the park.

2) The following devices are in the range of the cost of 10-15 thousand. They are designed for amateurs who do not search for gold regularly, and use the device for single trips to nature. These models use conventional schemes, they do not implement any innovative technologies. The maximum depth at which they can still detect something is 50 centimeters. For people who plan to seriously search and spend most of their time on it, metal detectors from this range are not suitable.

3) The following detectors have a cost of 16 to 25 thousand. They are considered devices for entry-level treasure hunters. Already suitable for amateurs who plan to regularly search for gold metal detector. Have average discrimination and even good, if you spend time looking for a better device. They have the ability to cut off noises, and also work at different frequencies. Some metal detectors in this price category deserve to be classified as semi-professional.

4) Detectors to search for metals in the range of 30-50 thousand rubles. These are already quite serious devices. This category can be called the category of equipment for professionals. The discriminators here are good, black metals stand out unequivocally. The maximum detection depth exceeds a meter.

The detectors are equipped with sensors that work at multiple frequencies, allowing the user to adjust the desired sensitivity. Thanks to special innovative technologies, there are no limits to the device in the choice of place of work. They cut off interference even when used near power lines. The range of applications is very wide, you can search for coins and treasures and at the same time engage in gold mining in the rivers - to find both large and small nuggets. Each of the metal detectors in this category has its own additional capabilities built on innovative technologies.

5) Metal detectors of the highest category cost from 50,000. It is a professional equipment that allows the use of the most advanced technologies in practice. Each of them uses advanced technologies and, accordingly, they have no analogues. The secrets of the implementation of functions, which have devices of this class, are not disclosed, so each of them has its own unique capabilities. They can find gold everywhere: not only in the sand, but also in the clay soil, and among the broken bricks.

Choosing a metal detector is not an easy task. If you plan to do it professionally, it makes sense to spend on a more worthwhile model.